Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Wednesday - Painting but as we know it.

A good number turned up today enabling a wide range of activity ranging from painting to eating ice cream.

Russ having primed some sections of skirting board started at the north end of 5042 painting the cream section windows

and Davey started at the south end both on the Cotswold side.

Not painting but rubbing down the panelling for the interior of 3132 Eddie cutting back the second layer of varnish.

That done a number of the panels have been passed to the painting team for a coat of protective varnish to be applied to the backs of the panels.

Des started on the interior fixed panels with the first coat of stain.
Also on the inside and a shot of some action that happened on Saturday. I presume it was Paul who cleaned all the luggage racks and got them all organised neatly.
Outside the carriage Ken put back the missing bumper. While Craig and I undertook some more door liner work and sorted a problem with Door 3 not closing properly.

The north end of 4614 is a way off painting with Nick welding in new sections of base plate

However, with the job done, this is the corner section,

he did get to paint red oxide at the end of the day.
At the south end Ken started rebuilding the corridor connection wood frame

Phil took the shunter down the yard to retrieve some more tables that will be used in 5614, it was far to far to carry them! They were cross loaded onto a trolley for the final part of the journey.

The process of stripping them down for refurbishing was started by Dave removing the old work surface.

Also on taking things apart John Varley stripped the panels from what is now door 3 for 4614. He went on to cut and weld the last 3 single seat frame for the disabled area of the carriage.

Tony Barnard started the job of removing and cleaning up the window sliders from the carriage. 6 done from 16.

Steve Smith was busy making some more heat sinks for the new LED lights for 3132.

Having done a shunt with 25451 to get it into position for a steam test tomorrow, Thursday John was back working on the next set of bogies to be overhauled. At least he has most of the larger nuts loosened up.
and mentioning the lights as John and I left tonight a very nice rainbow.
The ice cream?
Seemingly the upholstery team had an away day, afternoon trip, to Cheltenham and back with ice creams!
They obviously need more work.

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St Blazey 1925 said...

The quality of the work done by C&W never ceases to enthral and amaze me as to the high level of workmanship that should be the norm on all preservation railways but sometime is sadly not. If only other companies throughout GB, (not only railways), would put their efforts towards high standards rather than cutting workforce or shaving the odd minute off a job the country could be great again in the way Victoria would have approved, (without the poverty), and all could be prideful of a job well done. Here endith the first lesson (sorry for going on so long). Regards, Paul.