Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Wednesday - Focused

There was a general air of concentration today all round the workshops

Three painters were focused on the second top coat of paint on 5042 in the paintshop. Ainsley on the Cotswold side

Trevor and Davey on the Malvern side

Inside 3132 it was Des and Russ concentrating on the staining of the fixed panels of veneer. The loose panels are ready to be fixed back in place.

Colin finished the first of the 4 doors for the goods van

and made a jig for the welders to complete the DMU corridor connection hoops. This is to ensure the hoops are flat and don't have a twist in the them. The cut outs on either side are the points at which the welds will be made

Dave Ward was working on the removal of the old and damaged table tops for the table we have extracted from the 'store' for 4614. The edge trim has to come of first. I did a repair job on one of the trims that was badly bent.

The tables in 4614 when it arrived were a mixed lot and not the correct style for the carriage. They were useful as some of them have already been refurbished and are in 25451 which went into service last week.

Ken was continuing the rebuild of the end woods on the south of 4614 One side, at time so that you don't get them mixed up. If you do it can make a horrible mess. The bolts are never exactly symmetrical on each side.
John Hamer spent much of the day cleaning and wire brushing this wheel set. By the end of the day and with some help from Phil the outside of the wheels were black the insides red oxide and the axle green.

The door teams focus today was 2 doors on 3132. With Craig supervising as Paul and I worked on the door frame liners. We have sorted out the high spots on door 4 so that that now closes properly and the liner is fitting the door 1 framework but the door doesn;t close yet! Maybe next week.

Steve Smith fitted a modified heat sink to the new LED strip lights as the original fouled the diffuser slightly.

In the upholstery shop Dave was sewing with that big curved needle again. This time on a single seat back for 4614. Penny and Jenny were working on another.

Penny who does a lot of actual painting , not our carriages sort painting, was rightly showing of one of her latest works.
Now which 2 members of the department do they remind me of?

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St Blazey 1925 said...

Once again you have fulfilled your ideal. That of providing (again) a very interesting and informative blog. Excellent paintwork - both on the carriages and on canvas. Regards, Paul.