Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Wednesday - Another day, another coach in colour

I guess a cry of if only with the title for today's blog. However, it was the second day running we have started to apply colour to a carriage. This time the sides of 5042 came to life from the light grey base coat. There were at various time 5 setting about the undercoat of chocolate and cream.

Alan joined the rest having completed the painting from yesterday in 3132. We went for the executive light grey paint.

The upholstery shop were indulging in their own version of cut and shut today with Dave cutting the centre section out of a double seat base frame.

John Varley shunted and welded the 2 parts together. For the new disabled access carriage we need 4 single seats where there used to be 4 double seats. We don't have spare single seat bases so needs must. After a search and recovery of 4 from the 'stores vehicle' half way down the yard.

At least in this case we know there will be a firm outer frame supporting this seat frame when its installed! 2 were done today another 2 next week.

Another cut was in the north end of 4614 where last week Nick had cut out the remains of the crash pillars. Today the base plate was positioned
and welded in place along with the two Cotswold side pillar sections. The same will have to be done to the Malvern side next week. We had to erect a windbreak at the end of the barn today as the wind was gusting and blowing the gas around preventing a decent weld. With the break in place calm was restored for a good weld. 

all done and red oxide applied.

Ken was busy recovering parts from the old water tank system of 4614 which has now been removed.

Over recent weeks we have seen Colin making the frames for the goods van doors. Today Richard prepared to hang them. The first job was to create a platform to stand them on while the bolt holes were marked and drilled.

Colin and Eddie brought in the frames and with Richard the doors frames on the Cotswold side were positioned and hung.
'Do Not Lean Out of The Window' the sign says but if you happen to be hanging the door and trying to work out where its sticking you have too. Craig working on door 4 of 3132. Here he was trying to ensure there is enough space to get the capping strip on.

When a railway carriage gets a flat you can't fix it this easily. one flat tyre on the trolley. John was setting out to replace a pair of tired batteries under  a carriage before this week ends diesel gala.

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