Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Tuesday - Paint, paint and yet more paint

 Report by Dave Clark

A busy day with a lot done. We also welcomed a visitor from the Battlefield Line and had deliveries of wood and paint.

However, to begin I must thank the group who helped look after our visitors during the Autumn Diesel Gala - Dennis on Saturday, and Pam, Adrian, Roger, and John on Sunday. It was a quiet gala, with just small groups of visitors to the Works throughout each day. On the Sunday the team look hopefully as the next northbound train appears.

Back to Tuesday and a very foggy start. 4270 emerges from the mist with the first train of the day. Very atmospheric to say the least!

Steve was in today as he will be away for the rest of the week. Here he is fitting the flexible skirting in the south vestibule of FO 3132.

A section of new veneer panelling was fitted to the north wall.

Including the tiny piece, very carefully cut, under the curve of the window frame.
In the Upholstery shop Vivien was stapling more moquette to side panels destined for BSK 34929.

Dave was busy attaching wood banding to one of the new cut-down frames destined for the disabled area in TSO 4614.

Initial top coating on TSO 5042 proceeded apace, with Maurice on the Cotswold side
and Adrian on the Malvern side.
At the north end of the coach, Malcolm and Stu were adding the black gloss.
The special job to paint part of the Cotswold side of FO 3132 to full gloss with lining out continued, with Stu and Cheryl completing the cream section, and then after an early tea break, the lower brown panel.
Now really beginning to look the part, this area will be left to harden off before we start the second coat on Thursday.

The fog eventually cleared to produce a fine day. The last train has gone and the station has closed as the early evening sun highlights the wartime van and S&T's railcar.

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