Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Tuesday - Lines, transfers and bogies

Ten in today and a lot of concentration on getting TSO 5042 ready, but good progress in the Barn too.

With the top coat now hardened, lining out started in earnest today on 5042 today. On the Cotswold side, Cheryl having taped up the bottom line proceeds from left to right with the black section.

Alex, working in the opposite direction on the same side and having got to the centre door, uses the little gauge to mark out the division between the yellow and black. Note that the tape from the previous section on his right has already been removed.

On the opposite side Richard Hoy carefully removes the base tape from the upper line at the north end of the coach, prior to lining this out.

At the south end Ainsley works on the lower line (apologies for the slightly blurred photo). At the end of the day, the top sections of both lines, on both sides of the coach, had been completed, leaving the bottom sections to be done on Thursday when the paint should have gone off enough to allow this.

With the main painting largely completed, it was time to affix the transfers.

Richard Johnson initially applies the coach type and working information to the north end.

And then proceeds round to the end panel to apply the first of the two numbers.

Always a popular job, Alex whitens the information plate lettering.

Very occasionally removing tape can lift an area of old loose filler that was not obvious during the routine preparation and repainting. Dennis carefully sands two small areas that had to be filled when this happened by the dividing line between the black and brown paint.

  In the Workshop Bob Slater was cleaning up the threads of the heavy bolts used for the tie bars of one of the bogies currently being serviced.

 Another first for us. John Hamer successfully removed
and dismantled one of the bogie axle boxes. Feels like a game show. Open the box!

  Near the end of another successful day, Bob sweeps up all the muck removed from the second of the two bogies.

The newly built doors of the GWR van are given a sanding by Dennis before being coated in wood preserver. Richard Stone was busy cleaning up and priming more of the door furniture.

Finally, the doors destined for the former Strathclyde DMU car, that were brought down on the train from Toddington on Sunday, were moved from the station to the Barn.



St Blazey 1925 said...

TSO 5042 is looking wonderful. Do you have a feeling of sadness when a carriage leaves the works, with a feeling that that is the best condition you will ever see it in? As some of the public do not treat items such as these with as much care as they should. Aah. Such is life. Regards, Paul.

John F said...

When a carriage such as 5042 is out shopped would it be a good idea to show a photo 'before and after' so we can admire your work and be reminded of what has been achieved. They have often been in the works so long I cannot remember the state they were in. Just a shame there is no under cover facility yet to store them when completed.

Paul & Marion Sucksmith said...

I agree with John F, before and after pictures would be good, it may also help if you keep a technical log for each carriage or waggon for future reference, sorry if this means extra work for someone! But even so, the work standard you achieve is excellent, one of my friends recently travelled in a refurbished carriage and said he thought the standard of work was better than that achieved by BREL at Wolverton!! Coming from him this is indeed high praise, so well done all. These blogs also help to advertise the line, he is also becoming a share holder as he said this is the best heritage line he has been on in years. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Click this link to the GWSR Twitter site and scroll down to October 17th. 25451 has a before and after picture

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

I will try and remember a before and after pic when the carriages go out. The usual feeling is a touch of pride at the kind comments that get posted here and what's next?

Yes we would love a carriage/running shed but there are so many conflicting priorities that all draw on the cash flow.

As for record keeping every carriage already has its own folder with records of various aspects of the work we do. This blog and it's pictures also helps. There are thoughts of more information being logged.

I will try to remember a before and after picture.

Thanks for your support and encouragement.