Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Tuesday - The colour goes on

Report by Dave Clark

Just 5 of us in on another lovely sunny day. John Hamer, having just returned from Argentina, popped in briefly to catch up on what was happening.

Stu, who was in before me today(!), was the first one working, initially undercoating in cream the remaining silver panels that sit behind the luggage racks.

The completed north end compartment, now looking much better (Paul - the dust covers were continually in use and not a drop of paint spilt).

For top coat we thought the Executive Light Grey would be best, so Stu painted the original undercoated panel in that.

However we felt we ought to give the GW Cream a try as it is a nice warm colour, so once the undercoat had dried, Stu painted the opposite panel. At the end of the day, the remaining three of us plumped straight for the Executive Grey.

Vivien was on her own in Upholstery today, stripping down one of the first class cushions.

In the Paintshop, with the Cotswold side of TSO 5042 taped up, Cheryl began undercoating the windows, completing six before she left for the day. At the opposite end I tidied up some of the south end door entrance with a small amount of filler.

Adrian did a heroic job on the Malvern side, spending much of the day taping up both the bottom and top lines. Just the north end door and toilet section left to do.

Stu sanded down the filled parts of the corridor end door and then undercoated it in cream.

It was out to Platform 1 for lunch.

The sun goes down over Winchcombe after another gorgeous day.

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