Thursday, 27 October 2016

Thursday - a busy busy day

Nineteen in today for a wide variety of tasks spread throughout the works and into the yard.

There was a big push on the lining out of 5042 with Jim

Alex and Cheryl all contributing and completing the task by mid afternoon.

 Dave was down on his knees today painting the axle box covers this is an undercoat the top coat will be yellow. He also started on the dampers, they will be blue.

I was painting one of the wheelsets cleaned up yesterday while John did some more work on the other wheels set.

Late in the afternoon with the paint almost dry the bogie reassembly started

 During the morning Phil John and Dennis did some shunting in the yard in preparation for 5042 being out shopped next week. we are rather short of space at the moment and it takes some preplanning to move everything around in the right sequence. It so much easier on the model railway at home you pick the carriage up and move it no shunting required!
Richard and Ted from the maintenance team were in again today working on the battery box from 3132. The job today was to remove the metal work for cleaning and repairs or remanufacture as required.

Ted started on the clean up process of the recovered parts.

Robin was finding more sections of metalwork to be painted silver for 3132. various grills and heat deflector plates.

In the south vestibule roger was undercoating the new ceiling.

While the rest of the interior team were working on the installation of the panelling. The south end is now progressing well and we are identifying the odd pieces that still need to made new the originals having been scrapped as past repair.
 Two on the Cotswold side and two on the Malvern side.

Ken was investigating the gutter on the north end of 4614. Ugh just under his wrist can be seen the start of a large hole that will need new steel welding in. Not to be confused with the round hole for the communication cord which is below his hand.

Michael joined us again today for another session of wood priming. Here the skirting section for the south end of 3132 and the corridor connection woods for the north end of 4614.


St Blazey 1925 said...

A busy day indeed! It's like stepping back in time, (in a good way). The high standard never ceases to amaze me. What next? A vintage rake? Well done on 5042, it looks wonderful. Regards, Paul.

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

I am afraid not. We have more than enough to do with the 3 mark 1 rakes and a need to start some support work on the DMU carriages. Just as we think we have the rakes up to strength we are asked for an extra carriage on each rake because passenger numbers are growing. When I started only a few years ago we ran 6 carriages now we are looking at 8's.

mack said...

It's a funny thing. Last gala I couldn't get a seat throughout the whole train on the Saturday morning.... it was like a trip on the mainline !!.... but by 2pm or so there seemed much more room.
Better to be busy than quiet tho eh