Friday, 21 October 2016

Thursday - Preperation

Today was a day for several preparatory checks and jobs. The main one being the swap of the discovery carriage with Santa' grotto.

With the painting of 5042's main body work complete Alex's did the detailed work today. Door handles, door buffers and window edges all done, that only leaves the lining out.
For that you have to wait for the paint to harden first. So while watching the paint dry there was time for an introductory chat with Phil Brown who has just joined us

Cheryl was working on the north end entrance vestibule, at least that's what we thought. Maybe a little to much of the thinners! Inflating the rubber glove does help get the fingers all the same way out when you try and put the glove back on. That's our excuse.

FO 3132. Visible progress with the refitting of the interior was evident in large amounts today. Robin painted all the silver work The grills which are under the seats in the finished vehicle the heating pipes and the communication cord plates all now gleam like new.

We are starting the panel work refit by focusing on one bay first. Here all the varnished panels are in place as is the table light. We then had a debate how to go about fitting the table mounts. The lights were a later addition so were fitted after the tables. However, that means the electrician has to scramble round on the floor under the tables to make all the wiring connections. Nooooo. So we have worked out how to fit the lights first and get the mounts in afterwards. I just have to get them all cleaned up and painted ready for next week.
Having sorted things thus far the group went on to start fitting a number of other panels in the next section as well.
They are called the maintenance team and look after the day to day running repairs including all the batteries. Today it was like the destroyers. This battery box from 3132 has seen better days and the lower section was rotten. No more. It doesn't exist at all now. We have to wait for the woodwork team to make us a new lower section.

We are in the process of upgrading the lighting in the workshop where one of our existing bulbs uses as much power as the entire paintshop system. We have about 10 of the bulbs at present. So when they are all replaced we will be saving money and have better lighting. Thanks to Steve Long from the P'Way gang, who is installing all the ducting for us. Tis is the final length on the centre run. He just has the Malvern side duct to install now.

Dave Hancox has started the process of cleaning up all the sliding windows from 4614. They have all been removed labelled and stored ready. This is the second from the first pair of 16 pairs.

Ron Bennett returned a box full of light fittings from the same carriage. He has modified the frames for a single bulb mount instead of the double original mount. 6 from 14. Ron has already undefeated them so its straight to the paintshop for top coating. The wooden mounts will need sanding and revarnishing.

Also working on the carriage, literally, was Malcolm working his way along the roof with the black high build roof paint that goes with the maroon carriage paint. I have never asked why but the grey roof paint we use for the Chocolate and cream carriages isn't high build. Maybe the don't make high build grey.

The jack road has now returned to being the bogie repair and overhaul shop. John Hamer refitting the tie bar to this bogie
having reassembled it all earlier in the day with assistance from Ken, on block and tackle, and hidden on the far side Phil like John on hands and knees ensuring the bearing mounts slide into the guides. A fit of a few thousandths of an inch so you have to get them perfectly lined up.

Richard was checking and replenishing the grease in the spring mounts. At least 8 per bogie it could be more I will have to count them..

Out in the yard Ken and I did some exploratory work on the Scottish DMU car. This is a class 108 but has fibreglass doors that are badly broken round the hinges. Fibreglass doors are outside our expertise and so we need to change them.

First we had to remove the old door. The hinge pins didn't want to come out and they have been soaking in WD40 for few days already. Eventually today we did get them out and swapped the doors over.

The 'new' door fitted here is from the Cotswold Diesel Rail Car groups store of class 117 Aluminium doors. They own all the DMU's on the railway. The test was to make sure the 117 doors would fit a 108 and have the right profile. As can been seen here the profile is fine although the fit is far from perfect. This one when mounted was half an inch high at the top and I had to remove some of the wooden door surround to get it to close this far.

The lower door jam where the foot of the door closes into the carriage side is now the problem but we can make them fit. Ideally we want to find 5 more with the same hinge spacing as those on the carriage at present, they all seem to differ, then we won't have to start moving hinges a job we avoid if its possible.


Ian C said...

The Scottish DMU car Sc52029 is actually a Class 107 not a Class 108.

Looking forward to seeing it finished to the same high standard as W51360 in BR Blue.

Keep up the good work!

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

Ok the door still fits, sort of, which is the good news

St Blazey 1925 said...

I am also keen to see the (other) DMU see the fare paying public, as I worked a lot with DMUs in the Midlands as a Guard. Great fun starting all the engines on a frosty morning when the frost warning goes off like an alarm clock! (had to start the engines whilst the batteries would still turn them over - frost drains batteries). With them all ticking over and the occasional opening of the throttle, we often lost the North end - and Signal box too, in exhaust smoke! Regards, Paul.

Unknown said...

Was there a reason that the Discovery and Santa Coaches
were swapped before the end of the normal running season ?
There is a special event on the railway this weekend
with plenty of folk on the platforms and in the Model
Railway Coach at Winchcombe station today (Saturday)
and next Saturday (29th) the Steam & Scream event is
supposed to be centred on Winchcombe station. It's a
shame that the Discovery coach is therefore not
available to the public.

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

Yes we were requested to switch them no later than Thursday. We did it on the last possible day we could.

Anonymous said...

FYI, Theaker Joinery Scunthorpe advertise that they refurbish fibreglass doors for MK2 Coaches... can't imagine the DMU door being that much different.