Friday, 14 October 2016

Thursday - Back in the rake

Report by Dave Clark

A busy day with over 20 in, and the day when SK 25451 re-joined the Maroon rake after its first major refurbishment in over 21 years.
The Paintshop trestles could be groaning under the amount of stuff currently coming in for either painting or varnishing. Michael was busy priming two wooden plates for the south corridor connection on TSO 4614 and black glossing skirting board for FO 3132. More on this later!

Initial top coating of TSO 5042 continued with Ainsley and Cheryl on the Cotswold side,

and Richard Hoy and Bob on the Malvern side. It is now about three quarters complete.

In FO 3132's small compartment, Tony and Pat are fitting the bottom section of window frame on the Cotswold side.

"Hey, what about me?!". Roger was in the south vestibule and heard me taking a photo of Tony and Pat. What was he doing?
He was carefully priming the new ceiling which had recently been installed by Steve.

Later in the day Roger held up the veneer panel under the window, where Tony and Pat had been working, to show the two holes made for the table lamp cable.

Also ready for the cable, behind the panel are the recess cut into the underlying wood and the hole bored through the internal metal frame.

He also demonstrated what will be the final result for the side of the window once the new wall panelling has been reinstated.

Outside 3132, Ted and Richard Bates from the Maintenance Gang were removing the old battery box, which was well past its best.

In the Barn, work continued both in and out of TSO 4614. In addition to adding more black high-build paint to the roof, Malcolm was also making some more plates to cover two holes. Once riveted on and sealed, these will prevent water ingress for many years.

Ken has been dismantling the communication cord mechanism at the north end in preparation for the bodywork repairs. Inside the coach Tony Barnard was removing another set of window sliders.

Inside BG 81039 in the Third rake, Rod was painting the last area of corridor wall. The rake is basically ready for winter move to Toddington north head shunt, with the water tanks drained and the inside cleaned up.

The caption could be, "How many of these are there to do?!".Actually over 40! We both got stuck in with the varnishing of the backs of many of the various sized veneer panels and strips to go into FO 3132. This action will help keep the wood dry should any moisture get  
in coach walls.
 Finally, the highlight of the day. Newly refurbished SK 25451 back in the Maroon rake behind "Dinmore Manor" during the day's Fire and Drive Experience. The decision to use the Maroon rake, instead of the more normal Chocolate & Cream rake, not only enabled us to check the repaired steam heating on 25451 but also for the rest of the rake as well.

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St Blazey 1925 said...

25451 looks a treat on its first trip behind a loco. Not to say that 5042 and 3132 are not heading the same, they are. It's just that I can never resist the sight of a newly turned out carriage DONE WELL as it is. Well done to all.

From an ex Guard's point of view, I too often saw them on their last legs, so to speak.

I remember taking a DMU 3 car set from Birmingham down to Worcester (to go on to Cardiff), which was empty and in an atrocious state (windows missing, paintwork flaking, seats missing or worse - in very poor repair) AND on the FRONT of the service 6 car train (two 3 car units), which were passenger carrying and going down to Hereford via Worcester. Obviously I had asked the driver to run the first 3 cars past the platform of all our stopping stations, which he forgot a few times. What the travelling public thought of the first set I don't know. No body commented to me but I bet they had their own thoughts about it. It must have been the topic of conversation in the pub somewhere!

However, nothing like that on GWsR. Regards, Paul.