Monday, 3 October 2016

Saturday - more emptying out

Report by Dave Clark

A smaller number in with several still away or on train duties.

It was back to more dismantling in the north end of TSO 4614, with Andy, Ian and others removing the two water tanks from within the roof space as these will no longer be required. The framework will stay to support the new ceiling.

In preparation for removal of the toilet window frames, most of the glass was carefully removed and stored safely away.

At the south end James completed the sheet metal repairs.

In addition to his normal Wednesday working, Craig was in to progress the installation of a new door liner on 3132 door 4.

Another Wednesday man, Eddie usually also comes in on Saturday mornings to keep tabs on the woodworking side of C&W, and inevitably does more work. Another batch of cleaned up veneer panelling from 3132 was given a coat of wood stain.

Back to TSO 5042 in the Paintshop and the Malvern side where we thought we were about ready to begin taping up the line positions. Wrong! Unfortunately during the initial light sand of the grey base coat and washdown with thinners, we found some more filler that handn't been completely sanded flat.

Paul Ellis and George dealt with that then followed this up with some patch-painting over the re-sanded areas.The south end door threshold on the Malvern side was somewhat woebegone with broken wood and corroded rubber seal, although still relatively sound. 

Steve had a look but to put in a complete wood replacement the floor would need to come up. So, I got to with some wood packing and fibre filler and, following a coat of dark grey undercoat, the result isn't too bad. A new rubber seal can now be inserted.

In the Upholstery shop John Hill and Dave Dron were working on the final seat for BSK 34929. John is preparing the new moquette.

While Dave is repairing the seat frame. They are so far ahead of the rest of us, just what are we going to be able to give them next?!

The first Saturday (and Wednesday) of each month is tour day for new volunteers. John demonstrates the positioning of one of the re-covered folding arms in the BSK's seat.

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