Sunday, 16 October 2016

Saturday - Making the most of the weather

A good attendance today with Richard and Andy both back with us.

The sun was shinning into the end of the barn so it was a great opportunity to make more progress on the north end of 4614.

Andy and Ian set about removing the toilet window frames now redundant as a result of the decision to convert the carriage. They were soon removed and Andy and |Ian did some more cutting out of rusty sections of panelling on the end for James

Ken started on removing the capping strip ready for the door pillar to come out.

Malcolm had already painted the roof grey for the carriage to go into chocolate and cream. With the change of plan it now has rto be repainted black. Sorry Malcolm.

Now 25451 has gone into operation yjere is space on the jack road so the next set of bogies has been brought round for overhaul. Phil driving awith John Hamer on shunter duties.

Once in John was joined by Kevin to start the strip down.

Later in the day with the removed parts labelled and laid out in an orderly manor.

Ina and Andy moved on to do some finishing off at the south end. Even the red oxide gets painted vertically these days.

In the workshop James and Jphn Squires returned to the steel hoops for the DMU corridor connections.

Five tops and 10 bottom sections made they just have to connect 5 tops to five bottoms next week. This may be a bit of a prompt, we need to other five top sections brought down to Winchcombe so that we can complete those as full hoops as well.
That done James returned to cutting out new sections of plating for the north end of 4614 using the plasma cutter. If you have never seen one in action it goes through the steel sheet like a hot knife though butter. 
In the workshop Jeff continued the varnishing of the long line of panels form 3132. 

while Alex applied the last section of the first top coat to 5042

in the north vestibule Paul was busy rubbing down the panelling before it too is repainted.
If you are puzzled by what's behind Paul this is a carriage where one toilet has previously been removed to create a small vestibule area to park buggies etc.

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GWSR Steam Loco Dept said...

I presume that the "orderly manor" was Dinmore :-)