Sunday, 9 October 2016

Saturday - keep up!

At time I wonder how so many of you manage to keep up with what we are doing in C&W. I am not always sure we are totally up to speed. With as many 4 carriages and 2 goods vehicles in the workshops along with others out in the yard I guess we do tend to jump about in our reporting of events. This week we seem to have introduced another dimension to the proceedings.

The new dimension is one of parts. These are at present parts of TSO 4614. As we are converting the carriage for wheelchair access we have removed the toilets and put them into general storage. The now redundant water tanks and mounting brackets, we are moving to the hospitality carriage for use there and we are now going to remove door 3 from the carriage, it will also be for use on the hospitality carriage. The hospitality carriage has aluminium doors and one of the them was damaged beyond repair in the carriages former use.
The new door 3 awaiting restoration, it was door 6
It just so happens that when 4614 arrived door 3 was aluminium the others were all wood frame and steel. As we are doing extensive door work we are in a position to move one of the other doors and replace the aluminium one with another one formally door 6. The replacement of door 6 was going to happen anyway because of the nature of the doors needed for the wheel chair access. Confused, yep I'm not surprised.

So lets get back to the fundamentals.
5042 which is in the paintshop for a 'repaint'. George spent the day painting the south end

while at the north end Phil reconnected the electrical sockets.

In the paintshop the Malvern side of the brake van was being cleaned up and painted by Clive and Derek.
Phil Jones was doing some more first top coating on the Cotswold side of 3132.

while in the south vestibule Steve started by rebuilding the frame work to support the ceiling then he installed the new ceiling as well, but I didn't get a picture of that. (the frist section, lower left, is actually already up in this picture).

 Out in the barn 4614 is progressing well with here Ian and Ken remove various section of rusted steel ready for new sections to be put in during the week. The end door sides are both out, the doorway has to be widened. The second half of the base plate has been removed and another section of floor has gone along with the last section of the water tank frame. This was thanks to Steve managing to remove a small section of wood for us to get at 6 bolt heads we couldn't reach. It enabled us to get the bolts out without having to take an entire section of the compartment ceiling down.

In the upholstery shop, also working on 4614 seats, Dave was cutting down another double frame to a single one

while John and Penny figured out how to make a suitable seat swab for it.

and then constructing it.

In the workshops, for the Diesel Rail Car Group, John Squires and James set about making some new hoops for the DMU corridor connections. These connections are very different from our MK1 carriages being made up of a series of steel hoops encased in a heavy canvass type material. Many of the old hoops have rusted away.

We abandoned our first approach and went back to the old tried and proven template approach.

The first job was to make the former; a sheet of heavy steel drilled, using the magnetic drill and posts inserted to create a former.

A bit of brut force applied by John to bend the steel rod into shape round the former posts

followed by James applying some heat to temper the rod so that it stays in shape when we remove it from the former. Two hoop tops have been successfully made so far.

In between times James was also doing some welding for S&T. We must get the post vertical.

We presume its a base plate and post for a ground signal.

Today being the Diesel Gala the entertainment was somewhat different. As usual the C&W workshops were open for the event and we had a steady flow of visitors.

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St Blazey 1925 said...

Not confused at all. Your clear and exact reportage makes the understanding of what is happening in C & W lucid and easy to follow from the miles between us. A hearty well done to all working on the many projects that are going on. Regards, Paul.