Sunday, 23 October 2016

Saturday - The few

With six members of the department off on a jolly ....... good trip steam hauled on the mainline the rest of us struggled on.

The first job was the move 4614 out of the barn with the use of the diesel shunter. Ok it was only 6 feet we moved it to make space to get the south end corridor connection in position for mounting back onto the carriage. That done by Ken and Ian we soon had to move the carriage back in again.

Therer was a long optimistic list from Dave of things to do on 5042. Paul was the only one who turned up to anything from the list securing more of the rubber door draft strip.
Richard Stone arrived delighted to find the first pair of doors ready to be painted for the good van. He actually went on a scavenger hut to find the last few bits of door furniture. After a successful hunt he was back in the workshop cleaning the various bits up ready for painting.

Derek was also in to continue work on the brake van here fitting a new section of entrance step wood to the Malvern side. 

George joined us and set about painting the south end of 3132 black. The carriage is very close to the brake van at the moment so there was no decent angle to get a picture.

Inside the south end vestibule Steve was fitting the new panelling all round not the use of these very versatile props to hold things in place. They are adjustable in length and capable of holding up a section of ceiling while is fitted.
James and John Squires continued with the hoop making for the DMU corridor connections. With the two sections clamped in place on the jig to ensure the final hoop is flat it was ready to weld. 
They have completed the 5 and await five more for repairs
Much of the work today was actually outside the workshop. With John Hamer cleaning up another wheel set and painting it

He was helped by Ian who got a little dirty. Happy as...... 

Dennis Brown started some exploratory work on the RBr in the yard removing the old grill unit which was in a terrible state. The main aim was to find out what the issues were with removing the unit so that during the winter shut down we can remove and replace the identical unit in the operational RBr. We only have a very limited time to do the work so preplanning and preparation is essential. It also allowed him to measure up for a suitable replacement unit.
Early this morning Stu dropped this grab in for repairs. It gets a lot of use by the drainage team clearing out the deeper drainage pits. Always happy to help John Osborn did the fix and after a coat of red oxide it was returned at the end of the day.

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