Monday, 31 October 2016

Saturday - A very varied day

Report by Dave Clark

Coming up to Halloween, there was nothing spooky about our work, with a good crowd in we got through a lot of jobs. We also had a visit by Ian Crowder (the GWR Publicity Officer) and author John Whitehouse, who is rewriting a book in the Silverlink "Recollections" series. The new book featuring the railway between Cheltenham and Stratford will cover a lot more of our railway and, having taken a lot of photos, John said he will be back to take some more to capture our progress e.g. FO 3132.

Setting the scene for the weekend, "Dinmore Manor" passes with the first run of the day of the "Spooky Special". The special headboard features a ghost and cat!

Being almost the start of the new month, we also had the first of the two New Volunteers tours, here visiting the Upholstery shop. The second tour will be on Wednesday.

Continuing our current refurbishment of the two bogies in the Barn, Andy Thompson begins by cleaning up the sides of the axle boxes on this particular wheelset,

before moving over to sand the inner faces of the relevant horn guides on the bogie itself.

Later on Andy and Richard J. were reattaching the brake rigging on the second bogie, which is now nearing completion.

Progress on the north end of TSO 4614 continues with James just about to grind down the weld of another section of new sheet metal.

In the Workshop Ken uses the air riveter to complete the missing section of capping strip on the Cotswold side south end door of FO 3132.

Nearby George, having sanded down a little more filler and taped up the dividing line, continues blacking up the south end.

Inside the south end vestibule Steve was busy sorting out more panelling.

Busy helping out S&T again John Osborn, having cleaned up the cuts in of another piece of rodding, carefully checks the overall measurement prior to welding the two sections together.

More work on the DMU corridor connection hoops with John Squires clamping a hoop to the end of the wood template, a somewhat fiddly job! Note the corroded area at the bottom left hand corner, which will be cut out and a new section welded in.

Andy Turner cleans up the weld on one of the repaired hoops - all these were later taken to the Paintshop for a coating of red oxide and final coat of gloss black..

The Upholstery team welcome John Hill back from a well deserved holiday abroad. (so now you know what penny and Jenny were up to on Thursday!)

 John staples on a new cover to one of the refurbished seats from our 03 shunter.

Dave cleans up the springs and mesh of another seat back destined for the new disabled area in TSO 4614.

While Penny carefully cuts out new sections of the required moquette,

Jenny carefully sews up what will be the seat back cover (a photo of Jenny doing this may end up in John Whitehouse's new book).

Those final snags that need sorting out are often troublesome. At the north end of TSO 5042, attaching new rubber seals and the backing strips to one of the doorframes worked well on the left hand side, but as for the right side it took the insertion of an extra wood strip and the combined efforts of Steve and Paul Ellis to succeed.

We are nearly there with TSO 5042, ready for it's shunt out on Wednesday 2nd November. Alex was tidying up some of the lining out.

While dad Tony cleaned up and repainted the main electric connections.

Martin continued the cleaning up and undercoating of the axle box covers. Just a bit more painting, and a final clean of the windows and interior, and we're done!

Finally, Richard Stone primed the backs of two of the GW van doors, the reverse sides of which were done a few days before.

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Thursday - a busy busy day

Nineteen in today for a wide variety of tasks spread throughout the works and into the yard.

There was a big push on the lining out of 5042 with Jim

Alex and Cheryl all contributing and completing the task by mid afternoon.

 Dave was down on his knees today painting the axle box covers this is an undercoat the top coat will be yellow. He also started on the dampers, they will be blue.

I was painting one of the wheelsets cleaned up yesterday while John did some more work on the other wheels set.

Late in the afternoon with the paint almost dry the bogie reassembly started

 During the morning Phil John and Dennis did some shunting in the yard in preparation for 5042 being out shopped next week. we are rather short of space at the moment and it takes some preplanning to move everything around in the right sequence. It so much easier on the model railway at home you pick the carriage up and move it no shunting required!
Richard and Ted from the maintenance team were in again today working on the battery box from 3132. The job today was to remove the metal work for cleaning and repairs or remanufacture as required.

Ted started on the clean up process of the recovered parts.

Robin was finding more sections of metalwork to be painted silver for 3132. various grills and heat deflector plates.

In the south vestibule roger was undercoating the new ceiling.

While the rest of the interior team were working on the installation of the panelling. The south end is now progressing well and we are identifying the odd pieces that still need to made new the originals having been scrapped as past repair.
 Two on the Cotswold side and two on the Malvern side.

Ken was investigating the gutter on the north end of 4614. Ugh just under his wrist can be seen the start of a large hole that will need new steel welding in. Not to be confused with the round hole for the communication cord which is below his hand.

Michael joined us again today for another session of wood priming. Here the skirting section for the south end of 3132 and the corridor connection woods for the north end of 4614.

Wednesday - Welcome

We had a good number in today including 2 new members David Ayres and Graham Westgate. Now I did have a picture of them both but sorry I managed to delete it from my phone before I had uploaded it. I will get another picture next week! Anyway, Welcome to you both.

Today Rod did a final bit of interior painting of the vestibule of 5042 before it gets shunted back out to operations. The lining out started yesterday so today was a day for the paint to harden before the next line gets painted on.
Otherwise the work focus was on 3132. Des and Trevor colouring and preparing sections of panelling 

and finishing one of the large fixed panels at the north end of the saloon.

Martin was cleaning and silver painting the table mounts all 3 section of each of the 14 of the them.

Paul was fitting the lock plate and the lower guide plate on door 4 of the carriage.

Steve was making another of the LED strip lights for the carriage. You can see here the right angle section he is using. the led strio is about to be applied.

Derrick was busy cleaning and greasing sets of door hinge pins we need some extra sets for the double doors of the disabled access on 4614.

A job for S&T has been waiting for a while so today Nick made a start on it shortening the signal level tie rods these were a couple of inches to long for our needs so he had to cut a section out of the 1" thick rods and weld the end back together.

He was also doing some repairs to a brake rigging bar from one of the bogies in the barn. The end pivot points have been 'pulled' well out of line (before they come to our railway I gather). Another cut, bend and shut job of some more very chunky steel section.

Still working his way through the muck on the 4 wheel sets John tackles the clean up of the last one.

while Graham got his new overall worn in working on the third wheel set.
John Varley was working on repairs to another of the doors for 4614 the edge section is yet again rather to rusty to leave. So here he is cutting a new section with the plasma cutter.

and then checking the size before welding it into place.

Dave was soldiering on with the new single seat backs for 4614 while Penny and Jenny were
....................................................... well best not ask at the moment!