Friday, 16 September 2016

What a week - updated

On Saturday Dave started his holiday and I was helping at a Heritage Day at my church. Ably assisted by Robin we run 3 different scale railway models as part of the Crafts and Hobbies themed event. It also gave us an opportunity to plug the 1:1 scale GWsR.
Tuesday was Jane's (Mrs blogger) birthday. So being a caring sort of husband and knowing how to look after her I took for a ride on the train. This did give me the opportunity to show her round C&W to see what we do.
(and take a few pictures)

Like the one of Adrian wotking on the roof of the Model railway carriage to tidy it up.

Ainsley filling on the Malvern side of 5042.

while Richard mixing up the next batch of filler for some more work further along the same side.

Out in the barn there was some thought and muscle power being applied by Phil and John to the bogie adjustments on 25451. It worked out in the end but proved to be the most complex set of adjustments we have ever had to make to get the ride height set correctly.

Dave was on a bit of lonely battle with another of the seat backs being worked on

Another tub of extracted staples and tack!
we did go on to visit Snowshill Manor in the afternoon. It not far east of Laverton and well worth a visit.
I was back in for my normal day where Ken started on separating the corridor connection from the north end of 4614

Craig was endeavouring to get the rid of the high spot on the door liner for door 4 of 3132 in the main workshop

Near by Derrick was stripping down door 4 from 4614 on the bench.

and Colin was also working on doors! this the first of the new doors for the goods van.

In the paintshop with it getting increasingly difficult to spot areas to fill it was decided to grey up 5042. Once greyed up its far easier to see the remaining blemishes that need more filling etc.

Rod and Des above and Trevor below.

Malcolm was concentrating on areas of the roof.
John took over the refurbishing of the seats
and with Jenny put a new cover on the first of these 2 seat backs.
I was in again on Thursday in Dave's absence to meet up with a visiting group of 17 for a tour of the workshops. As it happened I also got to catch up with Claudette for a discussion on Safe from harm issues. While in workshops Ken won the battle of the corridor connection
although not the errant leg which is still stuck fast. 

On the interior of the carriage the team set about removing the toilets

the walls

and the ceiling

while Ken removed the first section of seat frame for the disabled area.

One small and fortunately uninhabited wasp nest found in the ceiling during the work.

Steve and roger were finishing off the north end vestibule of 25451 after the tank work was completed. There is still a little painting to do.

There was at least 4 members of the painting team on greying up 5042 in the paintshop.

while Michael was varnishing table legs

all lined up drying at the end if the day.

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St Blazey 1925 said...

Your continuing wonderful work never ceases to amaze and hearten me to any tasks that I do in my humble lifestyle. Well done to you all. The consistent level of high workmanship must set the bar for other railway preservation oompanyies. Regards, Paul.