Thursday, 29 September 2016


With Holidays over we saw several return to the works today.

 Dave settled in to creating another tub of extracted staples as he stripped the old cloth from another seat armrest.

our ell known double act of Penny and Jenny were creating another seat cover. you cut it i'll sew it.

Colin continued making the first pair of doors for the freight van. by the end of the he had 2 frames cut out.

in the mean time Dave Ward produced a pair of the vertical woods for he corridor connection on 4614.
and Eddie completed a lot more staining of the panelling of 3132. He actually had to make several new panels while he was at it.

with old wood being replaced the inevitable result is another skip full rubbish to be disposed off.  

back on the creative side this is one of Steve Smiths control circuit boards and heat sinks for the led strip lights he has created. These will be fitted to 3132 when it goes into service reducing the power demand on the batteries by around half.
In operation a strip light with a half length diffuser in place for demonstration purposes. It is impossible to tell its not a strip light without really studying the light when the diffuser is in place. 

5042 continued to get the treatment today with Des

  and Ainsley all filling sanding
and painting there way around the carriage.

I just got to play soldiers in arrow lining them all up and painting them black. These are the table leg brackets for 4614

 Craig another returned to start on fitting the door frame liner for door 4 on 3132.

to tighter fit so out came the plane to start the process of trimming it down.

Paul was busy sorting out a top hinge position on the centre door of 4614. Hopefully we can get a trail fit of the door next week.

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St Blazey 1925 said...

All the wonderful activity in C & W reminds me of when I was on the SVR and we took the GWR set to Paddington via Swindon, and it wan't so expensive to TOPS register the stock then, (when the works was still open). The Swindon workmen congratulated all the team who had helped produce the GWR set that we had temporarily stabled in the yard. What they did not know was how LONG it actually took to get that set to the pristine condition that it was then.
I am sure that if you took any of your sets to Swindon (assuming that it was still open - which we all know that it is not, unfortunately), that you would get the same reaction from them. Wonderful work indeed! Regards, Paul.