Thursday, 8 September 2016

Wednesday - works in progress

I am aware it can be hard to keep up with what's happening in C&W at time not least for US! We have plans and they change, regularly. However, the latest change seems to have become a definite 'we are doing it'. So 4614 will become the disabled access carriage in the maroon rake.

There are a few things that e need to get out of the way first. Like 25451. The cause of the steam leak is rather obvious having cleared away the insulate tape. The light coloured pipe is the steam heat distribution pipe from the end hear to the next section of pipe is about 15 inches!

So while that is being left, hopefully for John Squires to deal with on Saturday, John Hamer with assistance from Phil and Ken set about checking the north end bogie from the carriage.

The next carriage following on is now TSO 5042, In the paintshop for a quick tidy up and repaint. About 6 weeks. Davey
 Alan and not in shot Russ set about more filling and sanding preparation work.

Following that will be FO 3132. Today I sorted out just how thick the door liner for the lock on door 1 needs to be for the lock to shut nicely in the correct position. Horizontal.

Steve Smith assembled the first LED replacements for the strip lights in the carriage.
Then we come to 4614 which is in the barn except for door 5 in the woodwork shop and being rebuilt by Paul 
and Door 4 in the workshop being stripped down by Derrick ready for rebuilding. 

One of the reasons for the change of plan with the carriage. The north end toilet floor needs replacing

Tony starts on the stripping out by removing the mirrors.
The change of plan has thrown a spanner in the progress of the upholstery department who thought they had just about finished the seats for the carriage. The new plan changes the seating arrangement in the carriage. So it was a hunt round the store vehicles in the yard to find four single seats to replace the double ones we will remove. They found most of what was needed but some modifications to double seat springs will be needed to make them into single seats.
With them all gathered together Penny is banksman for the lift to the department.
We also located all the internal doors that we will need but we will get them out of storage closer to the time we need them.

In yesterdays blog you will have seen the plans for the goods van doors. Eddie and Colin check it all out and double check

before Colin started on the build.


St Blazey 1925 said...

Always interesting to see how the rolling stock is restored. Especially the goods vehicles. having watched 'Full steam ahead' (avidly), it did seem a pity that a Siphon G or similar could not be found on the SDR for the 'Milk train'. You actually have one on the GWsR. Wonder why they didn't film there.
Great standards of passenger stock restoration. It is a pleasure to see. Regards, Paul.

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

Thanks Paul. The Syphon is under restoration but it's coming on well and is a runner the bogies and bearing being in good order. It's owned by the 2807 group .

Richard said...

Hi All, What is the current status of the ex IE Gen Van that's in one of the photos? Is that any closer to being restored to running condition? Rich.

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

With pressure on to get the 2 rakes up to 8 carriages, to improve the disabled access in the second and third rakes and preparing for services to Broadway it is very much on the back burner. There is still some work being done on getting the boiler system working, the first step. The carriage can then provide C&W with a steam heat facility and thus prevent situations like 25451 at present.