Thursday, 22 September 2016

Wednesday - Doors Doors and more Doors

Having recovered the door furniture for the goods van yesterday it was good to see Colin making progress of actually building the doors themselves. Paul in the background was working on the more conventional, for us, carriage doors.

An oh dear. This is the door panel for 5042 door 1. I agreed with the door team they will make a new panel.

In the mean time Derrick was cleaning the grease from an internal door runner.

Having now separated the skin and frame of 4614 door 4 John Varley started on the repairs to the skin
  It was very much a case of doors everywhere, here Mike is fitting the proper trim plate for door 1 of 3132 having used the softwood template I produced a couple of weeks ago as a guide.

Jenny and John were back to the seat backs for the BSK 34929. Getting the arm rest holes of the cloth cover positioned takes some patients or the material ends up rucked when you turn the seat over.

Phil was painting up some light fitting another component that comes in bulk on every carriage.

Finally Nick and I removed a large section of the toilet walls from 4614. That allowed us to remove a section of flooring and start work on the end repairs. A new section of base plate will go in place before we start on the crash pillars. That coiled spring on the left will also have to be dealt with it houses the corridor connection arm that is stuck fast at present.

Inevitably there was the usual round of prep work being undertaken by Trevor,

Des and Rod in the paintshop. A bit more greying up so that we can see more clearly what filling still needs to be done.


St Blazey 1925 said...

Looks like it's 'doors are us'! Great work though. The indoor (no pun intended) carriage works must be choc-a-block with all the rolling stock you are working on at present. Regards, Paul.

Dave Clark said...

Thank you both for this and your many other compliments over the past few weeks. Yes, we are as you say, completely full. With so much to do we need to maximize on the use of our facilities as much as possible. This is why SK 25451 is being finished off on the Barn jack road (it needed the bogie maintenance anyway), which in turn enabled TSO 5042 to go straight into the Paintshop, leaving FO 3132 and TSO 4614 in the Workshop and Barn, respectively.

Ian B said...

doors, doors, but no fibreglass doors ;-)

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

The fibreglass doors on the DMU are shot especially round the hinges. Someone was look to see what else you have in stock at Toddington. The Mk 1 spares we have are a different profile so we can't use them instead.