Thursday, 22 September 2016

Tuesday - VIPs on tour

With small numbers persisting on Tuesday's its surprising how they are rarely the same people who are in.
Today Richard Stone having been out on a scavenge hunt for spare parts returned with the required door furniture. He started on the clean up process
assisted by Dennis

John was fillig the gap in the upholstery team today continuing with the old staple removal.

Richard as Head of Department was in to meet and guide the VIP tour round the C&W works. However, when they had departed just before lunch it was down to earth and dirty or at least the barn floor and greasy to adjust the brakes on 25451. So much for being HoD or come to that Company Secretary. This is a 2 man crawl under the carriage in 4 places. So basically the entire length of the carriage by the time you are done. I got to be the second person.

The preparatory work on 5042 was continued not just on the side but the ends

and the door edges Adrien in action as ware Cheryl and Trevor elsewhere.

Dave, having returned from holiday was also back in and catching up with Aynsley. No we haven't taken up horse jumping but I can't think what the red and white pole is for that is being painted.

Our VIP's were members of the parliamentary all party committee for heritage railways escorted by 3 directors. We did think of giving them some tools to help out but decided it was better to just show them what we achieve. We also got to discuss with them the work we do and the sort of issues that matter to us. It was, I think, a very worthwhile visit for the railway.

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Dave Clark said...

The red and white pole is related to the Wartime Weekend, Ainsley being part of the group that run this very successful event. He has also been cleaning up some lamps.