Thursday, 29 September 2016

Tuesday - Concentrated effort

Report by Dave Clark

Just 7 in today but we made some good progress with TSO 5042. It shouldn't be too long before we are taping up the lines and undercoating in cream and brown.                                                                                                                                                                          
Firstly, the former GWR van. Richard Stone continued cleaning up more of the door furniture.

Each of the various pieces is being initially coated in red oxide.

Just a few feet away on TSO 5042, Dennis was carefully drilling through the back plate of the corridor connection to reattach the loose piece of metal band that secures the rubber bellows. The new bolt head is recessed so as to retain the smooth surface of the back plate. Here he is tightening up the securing nut. He later reattached another wayward section on the Malvern side of the connection.

Remaining work on the coach comprised more bodywork preparation. Richard Hoy tidied up several doorways, adding both ordinary and fibre filler as required.

Malcolm was doing a similar job on the Malvern side centre door, where a lot of filler had been added on Saturday.

Stu started off checking the state of the filling on the Malvern side, ensuring everything that had been put on was completely sanded down. He then progressed to the remaining non-greyed area, adding more filler as required.

Stu then greyed this area.

Stu and Malcolm patch-painted all filled areas on the Malvern side, leaving some remaining bits to do at the north end of the coach. By the end of the day, nearly all this side had been completed.

Maurice worked on the Cotswold side, south end door area, while I completed the filling/sanding on the south end panelling.

Then after taping up the sides of the south end, both he and I added dark grey undercoat.

The almost completed south end of 5042. Just the part above the connection remains to undercoat.

The final jobs of the day included a good vac around to keep the dust level low, followed by a itemised job list on the white board ready for the Wednesday gang.

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