Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Tuesday - Back to the few

Report by Dave Clark

It was back to the early days of running Tuesdays with just 6 in attendance, reducing to 3 by mid afternoon. Nevertheless progress was made. Several of our number seem to be called on for train duties at the moment.

First job for me was to secure the tiny re-covered pad on to the front of the engine casing inside the Buggy, as well as returning the containers of oil, log book, etc.

With the door supports protected, Richard Stone measured up ready for the new doors to be made.

The diagrams with the measurements of the doors ready for the Woodwork team.

Two of the door corner plates, cleaned up and being coated in red oxide.
It was back to the usual with TSO 5042 - scrape and dig out, rust treat, fill and sand - with Adrian and Malcolm working on the Cotswold side, and myself on the roof line at the south end.

Adrian later transferred to the Model Railway TPO in Platform 2 Bay, where some of the roof paint was flaking. Bad areas were sanded, then coated in etch primer, and later when dry, a top coat of the matt black high build roof paint.

John Hamer's first job of the day was to replace the steam hose at the south end of SK 25451, which is now on the jack road in the Barn. The connection at the steam valve end had a poor seal, literally metal-to-metal hence the leakage.

The next job was to check and make adjustments as necessary to the riding level of the south end bogie. Firstly working on the Cotswold side, the tie bar (at the base of the unit) was removed.

Initially small jacks and a special metal plate were placed underneath the area of the coiled springs. With the pressure eased, the coiled spring hanger bolts could then be adjusted.

It was then the turn of the leaf springs using the heavy leaf spring clamp, with adjustments to the hanger bolts for these also made as required.

With the operation repeated on the opposite side, the bogie riding level can be evened up.

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