Friday, 9 September 2016

Thursday - Outside Activities

 Report by Dave Clark

A nice sunny day with a pleasant breeze, a relief after all that sticky weather. There was plenty of activity to record outside, but first starting with the Paintshop.

There was certainly plenty to keep Michael busy this morning, everything from table legs to varnish to corridor connection bands to coat in oxide. Here he is painting up the new sign board and name tags which will be used to register the Works Fire Officer for the day.

With 5042, the preparation process continued apace with Tony Baker, Pat,

Cheryl, and myself all involved.

Malcolm's comment when I took him painting the Cotswold side of 5042's roof, "How many times have you taken me painting a roof?". Answer - a lot!

Next door, in the peace and quiet of the Woodwork shop, Robin adds another coat of varnish to some of the new veneer panels for FO 3132.

Spotted in the Woodwork shop, a little job for Eddie from Malcolm Walker (Head of S&T). I love the "To Sir Ed ..... From Sir Malc".

In the Workshop Ken was having a right old battle trying to remove a broken piece of pipe from the valve on the end of the severed steam pipe from under SK 25451. I'm very pleased to say in the end he won!

Under 25451 John Squires was attaching a new joint to the other side of the broken pipe.
It was then heave-ho with a large spanner with Ron, not weightlifting, but very kindly stopping the pipe from moving about to much.

With the bogies now out from under the coach, and a nice sunny day to boot, John Hamer removes the brake rigging from the south bogie.

John Appleton uses the special gauge to check the various parts and actions of the coupler.

Ted follows up with the oiling brush, not only doing the buckeyes, but also the buffers.

This includes the inner parts of each buffer.

The lower parts of the corridor connection are also oiled.

Finally, the dismantling of the two toilet compartments in TSO 4614 continues, with Pete removing the toilet tanks. A somewhat wet process as it is impossible to remove all the water from the main header tank beforehand.

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