Friday, 23 September 2016

Thursday - Finishing off or taking apart

Report by Dave Clark

Fourteen in yesterday and some good work done. However following some rumblings in the Mess Room about no photos from my week away in Exmoor, firstly here are three from the two railways I visited.

The delightful coaches at Woody Bay station on the Lynton and Barnstaple Railway. In order, they are All 3rd Observation No. 7, then Seven Compartment All Third No. 11, and finally All Third Brake No.16. These have been recreated from remnants surviving from when the line was closed by the Southern Railway in September 1935.

The fourth coach, Brake Composite No. 17, includes two beautifully furnished first class compartments and was the first coach on the new railway. A fifth coach, coincidentally No. 5, is on its way at Great Yealdon in Essex, where these are recreated..

Finally at Minehead, the refurbished SK looking very smart (sorry, I recorded the number in a text on my phone, but have accidentally deleted it).

Back to the Works, and starting with Phil who was painting his previously primed light fittings from FO 3132 with aluminium paint.


On the same table, Michael was varnishing the table legs for FO 3132.

The inside of the FO is now being given a good clean and tidy up. This is in preparation for staining and varnishing of the in-situ veneer panelling.

In the Woodwork shop Ron Woodruff was cleaning up inner sections of window frame, which I think are from the FO.

Moving on to TSO 4614, Roger and Alan were busy removing the seat side panels.

The stripped out Cotswold side toilet compartment in TSO 4614, with a new section of base plate that had been prepared the day before.

Ron Bennett gradually removing sections of the now unrequired pipework from beneath the toilet compartment.

Moving across to SK 25451, Ainsley cleaned up the rubber draft excluders on the north end Malvern side door, and later joined Cheryl in completing various bits of varnishing and painting in the north end vestibule.

Cheryl top coated the ceiling and then

gave the skirting boards a second coat of black gloss. We couldn't quite make the Thomas weekend as we had hoped, but 25451 should be out soon.

The overall tidying of the inside of BG 81039 in the Third rake is proceeding very well, with Robin adding more Executive Light Grey.

Robin shows me the new area for wheelchairs, all painting completed except for a final top coat on the ceiling.

More good progress in the Paintshop with TSO 5042. The centre section of the roof has been cleaned up by Malcolm and is now ready for priming and top coating.

My job for the day was to sort out the north end of the coach. There are less holes to be dealt with this time, so less fibre filling and sanding, but still plenty of oxide needed. Still a bit more preparation to do before this is ready for painting.

While up on the scaffold, a chance to view the lovely roof boarding on the ex-GW van.


St Blazey 1925 said...

I must say that 25451 is looking better and better.
Nice pictures of the Lynton an Barnstaple stock - looks like oil lamp lighting from the roofs. Is that the case or have they been modified to meet fire regulations?
The GWR van does indeed look good if the roof slats are anything to go by. Looking forward to seeing it in traffic. Regards, Paul.

Anonymous said...

The MK1 SK at Minehead looks like by elimination 25323. I believe there are three SKs running at the moment at the West Somerset Railway (the other two are 24985 and 25308). Of these three, 24985 has Commonwealth bogies and curved rain strips (the SK in your picture has B4 bogies and straight rain strips, so, it cannot be 24985), likewise the coach cannot be 25308 (which retains roof destination board clips).