Friday, 2 September 2016

Thursday - All Change

Report by Dave Clark

I was in later today, arriving as the shunt was in progress, and the empty workshop and barn were being swept out. Thankfully, it was a warm, sunny day! With the changeover there will now be plenty of work for everyone.

Gleaming SK 25451 emerges into the sunshine. It's always very rewarding to see a newly refurbished coach brought out for the first time.
On the next road, part-refurbished FO 3132 and TSO 5042 await - the latter had been taken off the front of the Maroon rake ready to be brought in.

Back on its home ground, and looking very good next to the green Wartime van, the refurbished Baguley-Drewry Railcar (to give it its proper name).

With the shunt completed it wasn't long before TSO 5042 was under a "mass attack". On the Cotswold side, Bob Slater, Tony Barnard and Jim were scraping off the loose paint and filler from around the windows, along the rivet line, and anywhere else showing bumps and cracking paint were apparent.

While Pat, had already added a lot of filler on that side, he joined George and myself on the Malvern side.

Although there is a lot to do just cleaning up and generally sanding down, we had made quite a bit of progress during the day. Tony applies rust killer around the windows he had cleaned off.

The "new look" workshop with the LMS van now in at the south end and FO 3132 back in the same position as before. It's a bit tighter with the much larger van now in.

Inside 3132 Tony Baker is in the central area, hand-sanding panelling where more is needed.

Roger sands down more of the beading from 3132. All these pieces have been carefully bundled up and labelled so that we know where to return them.

The Barn with SK 25451 now on the jack road and TSO 4614 fully under cover.

Now able to begin working on the north end of 4614, initial attempts at removing the corridor connection failed. Although the right hand side could be moved, the left side refused to budge. It may mean that the toilets and floor need to come out first to enable access to the connection that are under the floor. This has given us an idea! More on that another day.

Inside the Malvern side toilet on 25451. The work in the two toilets has basically been completed by Ron and Pete, who have done an excellent job putting all this back.

At the end of the day SK 25451 was shunted out again and moved over the yard to join the Third rake. This will enable the coach to be steam tested during the "Fire and Drive" scheduled for the Friday.

Painting inside the new disabled area in BG 81039 continued, with Robin and Bob Keyte doing more on the walls and ceiling respectively. Although we plan to refurbish BSK 34929, which is the normal coach for the Third rake and already having a disabled compartment, 81039 will always make an excellent temporary replacement should the brake coach for any of the three rakes need to be removed.

Alex came in on the last train from Cheltenham to complete his sign-writing on the Malvern side of the GW van.

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St Blazey 1925 said...

SK 25451 and the 'Buggy' both look wonderful. Well done a thorough and eye catching job on both vehicles. Regards, Paul.