Sunday, 18 September 2016

Saturday - Hi-Vis and flash do not mix!

It is still seemingly the holiday season within C&W or is because several were again manning the trains, either way numbers attending are still on the low side.

John Hill continued where he left on Thursday but now assisted by Jenny They have reached mid way point of the seats for the BSK 34929. Jenny here struggling with an almost entire seat cover on the sewing machine. It takes quitter an effort to manoeuvre heavy moquette around on the sewing machine.

On the barn and working left to right. Dennis and Paul completed the pipework for the air line extension.

Philchecked the axle boxes having reconnected all the brake rigging on 34929
  with Andy. Andy was then oiling around all the linkages.

Moving onto 4614 James was busy welding a new top corner into the south end Cotswold corner

while John Hill along with Ken prepared various sections of the north end ready for more welding.

Oh look a crash pillar that is actually still connected at the bottom .... and one that's not!

Hi-Vis really does work spraying the light back at the camera. Somewhere in there the vest is orange. Ken removed another of the seat frame for the disabled conversion.

In the workshop he had also finished the removal of the skin from door 4 of 4614

The skin clearly in need of much repair work

John Osborn was on the mass production of brackets for securing table legs in place. That's about 16 we need please John.


Gordon Smith said...

Would it help if a stainless steel sheet was put round the sewing machine to make it easier to move the moquette around.

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

The main problem is getting the bulk of the material through the machine. The material is not very flexible so doesn't manoeuvre very easily the machine its self is fine.