Saturday, 3 September 2016

Saturday - A Cunning Plan Evolves

It looks like the holiday season is over with 25 turning up today. 3 more of our regulars were also seen doing duties with other departments.

25451 was back in the barn on the jack road. It was always destined to return but having failed its steam test, oh for the boiler van to be working, it will be raised for us to sort out the identified problems. Joh Squires started to look at one of them even before it's lifted.

John Hamer checked the ride heights after the carriage had been out for its run to see how the it had settled down.

Paul took the opportunity for some more window cleaning and tidying up.

Steve set about putting back the ceiling in the north vestibule.

and Richard set about oiling various strategic points

5042 now in the paintshop was being cleaned up and some repairs identified. Dave fount this top corner was leaking

while Malcolm was starting work on one side of the roof
having already found a hole in another of the corners. It appears we have got the carriage into the workshop at just the right time before the winter weather can do any more damage. The carriage has was last in the workshops eight and half years ago. 
Phil started work on overhauling the electrics

There was some right going on in the upholstery shop with both Penny and Jenny in.
What Penny hiding? 

Jenny reclined over the workbench!!!
Apparently the bench is so wide its the only way she can reach to get the nails in round the arm rest.
The main focus on 3132 is currently internal panelling where we have now completed the sanding of the main panels Richard and I were completing the inside while Malcolm Baker worked on a pipe work door removed and placed on the workbench

The carriage had no water tanks when it arrived and while we had 2 spare available neither actually had the correct fitting points so Den was modifying the tank to suit our needs.

Out in the barn work was also continuing on 4614 with James investigating the south end Cotswold side gutter or more precisely the rust behind the gutter.

John Osborn completed work on the now rebuilt door skin from door 5 of the carriage.

which I subsequently applied a coat of red oxide to ready for the door team next Wednesday.
Those who ready the blog regularly will be aware that on Thursday some one came up with a idea. Apparently it was John Hamer having looked at the issues of getting the corridor connection off. Tony came up with the same suggestion and plan started to evolve.
The only way to remove said connection is likely to require removal of the floor. 
To remove the floor we will have to de-install the toilets. Its that end of the TSO.
The corner of the carriage at that end is also in a bad way so will have to be replated also requiring the toilets to be striped.
Stripping the toilets in, as you have seen from 25451, not a quick job.
We had hoped to do this carriage rather quicker than its looking like now. As we are being asked to get another disabled carriage built. The designated carriage is some way off being started.
Cunning plan?
Lets make this a disabled carriage. Especially as we will already have removed the toilets anyway. Just don't put them back. We will of course have other work to do but that's ok because the welders were starting to run out of work anyway.
Must check the 2012 blogs to remind myself how we did it.
So that's the plan......
at least it was until we discovered another possible way to remove the corridor connection
So that's the plan ....
I think...
 at least until next week anyway.

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