Friday, 30 September 2016

Thursday - going forward

Many areas of our work has recently been of a destructive nature. However, we seem to be turning the corner with construction become the many focus now.

In the Goods Van Cheryl has been painting the smaller components of the door locking system. Here they are all hung up to dry.

Pete Lucus was doing some final sanding of the Malvern side of 5042

while John Hughes was painting at the north end

Jeff started on the taping up of the Cotswold side

before Cheryl and I commented on his rather dashing painting smock. Such was the ribbing he escaped to the station café only to be met by similar treatment from his own wife and mine. They were working together in the café. Rumour has it he has now donated the smock to Cheryl. The thing is it really needs a jaunty little black beret to complete the look, but does that count as PPE?
Don't feel too bad Jeff you did a good job on the lining tape, no matter what we said.

Paul continued the clean up in 3132. its now in a fit state to really start on the refit

We are trialling this section of trim with light executive grey rather than the silver original. Its normallu behind the luggage racks. This is the undercoat cream not the top coat. we shall see how it comes up.
Sticking with the silver Robin started on the long task of repainting all the mesh under the seats. The passengers may never notice it but we do.
 Bob Slater was sanding down window frame trim strips for the carriage

Out in the barn a second group stripped out the light fittings and the luggage racks.  Phil seen here has also been rerouting the wiring around the north end vestibule where we have removed the toilets and the walls.

and the luggage racks. They will all be cleaned up before refitting

The light fittings all boxed up they will be modified to single bulb fittings and repainted.

With them out of the way the rest of the interior is much easier to work on.

Also improving things in the workshop Steve Long has started on the task of replacing the original and very large lights with a modern LED system. The first thing is to fit the cable trunking. Steve an electrician by trade usually works with the P'Way gang.
Work is not always confined to the workshops and some times escapes the cameras gaze. Way down the yard Bob completed the repaint of the ceiling in the BG 81039 on the third rake. work on this has been going on for a few weeks. This has mad a much more presentable disabled area in the carriage. Further down the rake and again over the last few weeks Phil has carried out  quite a lot of jobs in the RMB 1808 improving the water system and ventilation in the serving area. 
The maintenance team were also in today carrying various checks and maintenance jobs on the third rake.

Thursday, 29 September 2016


With Holidays over we saw several return to the works today.

 Dave settled in to creating another tub of extracted staples as he stripped the old cloth from another seat armrest.

our ell known double act of Penny and Jenny were creating another seat cover. you cut it i'll sew it.

Colin continued making the first pair of doors for the freight van. by the end of the he had 2 frames cut out.

in the mean time Dave Ward produced a pair of the vertical woods for he corridor connection on 4614.
and Eddie completed a lot more staining of the panelling of 3132. He actually had to make several new panels while he was at it.

with old wood being replaced the inevitable result is another skip full rubbish to be disposed off.  

back on the creative side this is one of Steve Smiths control circuit boards and heat sinks for the led strip lights he has created. These will be fitted to 3132 when it goes into service reducing the power demand on the batteries by around half.
In operation a strip light with a half length diffuser in place for demonstration purposes. It is impossible to tell its not a strip light without really studying the light when the diffuser is in place. 

5042 continued to get the treatment today with Des

  and Ainsley all filling sanding
and painting there way around the carriage.

I just got to play soldiers in arrow lining them all up and painting them black. These are the table leg brackets for 4614

 Craig another returned to start on fitting the door frame liner for door 4 on 3132.

to tighter fit so out came the plane to start the process of trimming it down.

Paul was busy sorting out a top hinge position on the centre door of 4614. Hopefully we can get a trail fit of the door next week.

Tuesday - Concentrated effort

Report by Dave Clark

Just 7 in today but we made some good progress with TSO 5042. It shouldn't be too long before we are taping up the lines and undercoating in cream and brown.                                                                                                                                                                          
Firstly, the former GWR van. Richard Stone continued cleaning up more of the door furniture.

Each of the various pieces is being initially coated in red oxide.

Just a few feet away on TSO 5042, Dennis was carefully drilling through the back plate of the corridor connection to reattach the loose piece of metal band that secures the rubber bellows. The new bolt head is recessed so as to retain the smooth surface of the back plate. Here he is tightening up the securing nut. He later reattached another wayward section on the Malvern side of the connection.

Remaining work on the coach comprised more bodywork preparation. Richard Hoy tidied up several doorways, adding both ordinary and fibre filler as required.

Malcolm was doing a similar job on the Malvern side centre door, where a lot of filler had been added on Saturday.

Stu started off checking the state of the filling on the Malvern side, ensuring everything that had been put on was completely sanded down. He then progressed to the remaining non-greyed area, adding more filler as required.

Stu then greyed this area.

Stu and Malcolm patch-painted all filled areas on the Malvern side, leaving some remaining bits to do at the north end of the coach. By the end of the day, nearly all this side had been completed.

Maurice worked on the Cotswold side, south end door area, while I completed the filling/sanding on the south end panelling.

Then after taping up the sides of the south end, both he and I added dark grey undercoat.

The almost completed south end of 5042. Just the part above the connection remains to undercoat.

The final jobs of the day included a good vac around to keep the dust level low, followed by a itemised job list on the white board ready for the Wednesday gang.

Saturday, 24 September 2016

Saturday Success Day

On Thursday I was away fulfilling Janes ambition to see the Flying Scoitsman. So after a ride along the SVR We just about made it onto the platform. The pink camera/phone is Jane!
 The return trip on the teak set of carriages
was behind Tornado and a much better plateform experience was had. We then took to the highways and byways to see the next round trip. All finished off with Worcestershire Plum ice cream now that was different.

Today we returned to Winchcombe and Thomas

So how many vehicles did we work on today?

Well Dave was 5042 sealing round the corridor connections

Wwhile George was busy of the sanding and filling

as was Adrian

Malcolm spemt the morning on his knees painting the roof. He had rest on foot crossing duty in the afternoon.

Bob came in to paint the ceiling in the BG81039 forgetting it was Thomas so the carriage was running up and down. Instead he painted several other bits including the new Fire Marshall's Board. He also washed down the corridor connection doors on 5042.

Derek was in to do some more work on the brakevan in the workshop completing most of the inner skin on the Cotswold side.

In 3132 Paul continued the major interior clean and put down some protective film on the carpets.

In the Barn James was completing the top corner welding repairs at the south end of 4614..

while Phil went on hunt for a sample table for the interior. Eddie will do some experimental work on it next week.

At the North end John Squires and Andy removed the vertical sections of pipework and then cut out that vertical section rusty metalwork. Do you spot anything else missing?

Yes having finally removed the floor I could get at the inner end of the stuck corridor connection arm. After copious amounts of WD40 and a large number of whacks with the sledge hammer movement was achieved. It still took a lot more persuasion but eventually I got the arm out. Success!
After that Steve took over and completed the removal of the rest of the first toilets walls. While Phil cut back the wiring and started on re routing it. On a more constructive note John Osborn was completing the floor brackets for the tables.

We have started some work on BSK 34929 The seats are progressing although John Hill and Jenny did have to call on the assistance of Phil to get the armrest bolts back in place having completed the recovering of the seat back.

Phil then returned to painting the light fittings he has been restoring for the same carriage.
Finally John Squires started some tentative trails on making new hoops for the DMU corridor connections. 5 are required and some repairs to others.