Friday, 26 August 2016

Wednesday - Working on 8 vehicles at once!

Another hot and sticky day but a good number turned out to help with the jobs in hand. With, hopefully, the final leak sealed on 25451's water tank John Hamer adjusted all the support bard ready to refit the water filler boss on the roof.

at the end of the day I caught up with him as he finished the reconnection of not onlt the boss but all the connecting filler pipes as well.
Phil was doing further electrical connections on 3132 in the workshop 

While the buggy was getting a final top coat on the door from Des.
CSI's amoung you will no doubt take a closer look at this picture. Some one grabbed the handle before the paint was dry on Tuesday! A definite palm print in the paint.

 Mike was working of the door liner form door 1 of 3132.

while in woodwork shop Paul continued the restoration of the frame from door 5 of 4614
Derrick has cleaned and polished the window glass for the door.
 Out in the sunshine Ken was investigating the door pillars fot the door. It was more a case of there used to be a pillar here.

Adjecent to that was the 2807 group taking th eopportunity to clean and paint one of the bogies under the Syphon G.
Being way ahead of the restorations going on in the workshop the upholstery team are working on arm rests for the BSK which is still a way off entering the workshops. The BSK will be the brake carriage for the third rake when completed.
The current brake for the third rake is getting an internal tart up to provide at least some sort of disabled facility on the train in the mean time. 
The scrap door was being stripped of useful components today by Derrick and Rod. Here they are working on the recovery of the window and lazy tongs.

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