Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Wednesday - Planning

There was a good number in today with the main focus on the FO 3132. However, I start this report in the upholstery shop. Following on from yesterday Vivian was repairing the whole in the seat cushion from FK 13337

Dave set about dismantling the seats brought in from the BSK while Penny started on recovering one done earlier.

John was working his way through a pile of arm rests; here reloading the staple gun for the next one.

FO 3132 was the subject of much dust and noise today with Alan, here, along with Trevor and Des all sanding various panels of the interior. I got to vacuum it up the dust at the end of the day.
The smaller panels have been removed cleaned and either repaired or replaced. They are currently being restained by Eddie in the woodwork shop. 

Also progressing the interior reconstruction was Ken. He started on the replacement of the insulation.
There was much debate and head scratching and several plans on how to deal with 2 of the doors that are proving somewhat stubborn in terms of getting a good fit. Door 1 where there is very little space for a door liner on the hinge side. After various adjustments and completely removing and remounting the door we are now close to getting it right but there is no 'obvious' difference so no picture. Similarly door 4 won't shut with the door in the correct horizontal position. After much chalk etc. to try and identify the high spots that may be stopping it we didn't make a lot of progress.
Have no fear, we have a plan a cunning plan.

A door where there was some good progress today was this door 5 from 4614. Paul and Derrick took the newly repaired skin and fitted it to the new door frame. It will require a little more welding to deal with the curve od the door ,then it can be screwed together.

Phil was doing some work on the venting in the RBr

before joining John Hamer to start on the shunt. The first move was to put the 'Syphon G' back in the siding adjacent to the barn and then bring 5042 across from the far side of the main line into the C&W sidings. Tomorrow it goes straight into the paintshop.
I leave you ponder the following which I came across on the web!!!!

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