Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Wednesday - interdepartmental cooperation

With 18 in today there was a wide variety of work undertaken.
After lunch there was a fight with a pregnant snake. It seems the water pipe feeding the power washer hasn't coped well with the water pressure. I think we might need a new hose! This was only 2 of several bulges along the pipe.
The hose was deployed to supply the power washer so that John Hamer could clean up the first of the next pair of bogies to be overhauled. All cleaned up it was moved into the barn. Another day 4 of us won't need to go to the gym.
It would also appear that John Hill has cornered a bull in the upholstery shop and I thought we used horse hair. Here he starts the process of putting a new moquette cover on a seat back for 4614.

Dave somewhat unconcerned continued preparing the next one.

In the main workshop Craig was shaping a door liner Mike was doing the same thing for the opposite corner door.

In the woodwork shop Paul continued making a new section of frame for a door from 4614.

While Eddie and Colin started cutting out new panelling for FO 3132. Most of the original panels are ok but there are still quite a lot of new ones to be made.

Des doing more jobs on the jobs on the Rail Car from Dave's list

as was Trevor
Afterwards Trevor moved on to more sanding for the ok panels of 3132 before starting on the staining to get a colour match with other panels.

Russ worked on Painting the inside of some door pillars on the carriage. Not so much missed as only just available for painting while Rod tidied up some lower edges of the carriage sides.

 No longer a Skeleton as Richard started to fit the finished sides panels. He started with every other bolt as we only have 200 available at present. 300 more still to come!
With the weather just about holding for us Nick and I headed out to assist S&T. This signal post has been awaiting for its base to be fitted for a while today was the day. We had been waiting for better weather before we tackled it. We did have to erect a windbreak to stop the gas blowing away from the weld in the gusty wind. Fortunately we were recently given some weather sheeting for scaffolding which proved very effective. Its also fire retardant, so no issues with welding close to it. Another bonus was that it proved useful for covering up the work when the sun went in and it rained.

Eddie with a group of helpers delivered the new book case to Winchcombe Station during the morning sunshine.
We could have seen even more interdepartmental cooperation today if only the loco crew sitting around waiting for a clear road into the station from the bracket signal by our barn had nipped across and helped us push those bogies into the barn! I guess they though shovelling coal was enough exercise for them.

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