Thursday, 18 August 2016

Wednesday - hot and sticky

 My first day back in C&W left me wanting to be still on the beach. Hot and stick was not what we wanted The painters struggling to get the undercoat on before it dried! I think there will have to be some rubbing down done before another coat.
John started work on the generator from 1672
but despite several consultations and Russ going off to get a new battery it still refused to start.

But the one from 1675 which happened to be in the workshops for a service did work so that will go back into the operational RBr on Thursday all being well. Thanks to the drainage team for coming back early so that we can borrow the truck woth the tail lift!
Having looked at the results of the new section of floor he created last week Nick made another section of checker plate floor for opposite passenger entrance of the buggy
It just needs screwing in place.

I set about cutting out more sections of rust ready for James on Saturday. This section revealed the poor state of the behind it. the light brown sections should be continuous right across the hole; they are supposed to be flanges to the edge of the steel framework!

The removed section reveals the remains of the filler that had been used to cover the hole before. I also removed the large section above the corridor connection but did think to take a picture now that really is rotten.

Ken was enjoying the sunshine working on the Cotswold side of 4614 that is protruding from the barn. The original riveting was had failed to pull the metal sections together so there was nothing for it but to drill them all out.
This section, left of the arrow, has been re riveted and protective primer applied.

The last bit is drilled out and awaiting new rivets. 

Philwas busy rewiring compartment light fittings for 7221 , and making the tea thanks Phil!

Dave was practising his carving techniques on the arm rest foam ready for the Christmas Goose.
and Penny was back to jigsaws matching up the various sections of moquette ready to make the armrest covers.

In the wood work shop Derrick was repairing some door straps

while Paul worked on the frame from the first door off 4614.

Craig was starting the fitting of a door liner to 3132 and Mike, not pictured, did the same to the opposite corner door.
Peter Holt was dealing with the water tank and its connections on 25451 so on a hot day we still got through quite a bit and a lunch time ice cream from the café.

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