Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Tuesday - a very hot day

Report by Dave Clark

Just 10 in on another very hot dry day, with thankfully a good breeze. Hence plenty of dust devils blowing up the yard.

SK 25451

Very good news regarding the water tank on SK 25451 is that our repairs have definitely worked. A tiny drip noticed on the vestibule floor was merely a connection needing a little more tightening. As such John Hamer has emptied the tank so that the supports can be adjusted and the tank positioned in exactly the right location for reconnecting the exterior filler/overflow pipes. John also did a little more work on the door that had been sticking, which now opens and closes correctly.

After the above John moved over to SK 24949 in the Third rake to work on the problem lock on the south end Cotswold side door. He had also been to Toddington to work on yet another lock on one of the rakes based there.

Out in the heat and working on TSO 4614, Maurice completed all the filling on the repaired rivet line, adding more where required on the recently greyed-up section. A final coating of light grey undercoat completed the job.

The Buggy
In the relative cool of the Workshop, Malcolm completed the painting of the white grab handles. Those that had previously been painted green were undercoated in white, which dried so quickly that the top coat could later be added.

Inside the Buggy, we were correcting our hiccup, with Cheryl, Stu and Ainsley adding top coat to the backs of three of the doors, leaving just one door as the "escape route".

Ainsley, having completed his bits inside, moved outside to clean up more windows. With the warm weather drying the paint quickly, we were later able to change the "escape route" and do the back of the fourth door as well. So, not much more left for us to do before we hand the vehicle back to S&T.

At the north end of FO 3132, Adrian added more filler where needed, and then painted as much as possible in the dark grey undercoat.

With his work on the Buggy completed, Stu also moved on to 3132, adding sealant where there were minor gaps in between the various parts of the corridor connection (just look for where the daylight shows through). He then followed up with dark grey undercoat. The back plate was also cleaned up and red oxide added.

Cheryl moved on to helping Richard Stone and primed another of the plywood boards for the GW van.

Richard meanwhile was gently sanding a previously top-coated board, to which Cheryl later added a further top coat of the GW Grey.

We later moved out to BG 81039, the current brake coach for the Third rake, in which we are creating a basic disabled area. Dennis, Malcolm and Ainsley continued the preparation of the planked walls. This will be painted out in the lovely Light Executive Grey, with a white ceiling.

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