Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Tuesday - Tanks and buggies

Report by Dave Clark

After another successful Diesel gala (passenger numbers indicate the best yet), it was the big clear up with all the signs and displays put away until the next one in October. The next job? Empty those bins! Thanks to Maurice for helping out again.

In Upholstery John Hughes and Vivian were recovering a seat back from TSO 4614, a learning exercise as hadn't done one of these before.

Richard Stone continues his excellent work on the GWR van, with more of the dark grey top coat going on the frames.

Mystery legs poking out of SK 25451 turned out to be Adrian continuing the painting of the kick boards around the corridor and vestibules. That is all except the north end vestibule where the water tank removal still has to take place..

Initially John Hamer vacuumed up the rust particles that had dropped off the water tank supports the bulk of which had been removed on Saturday.

During the morning it was quite a struggle to try and free up the tank so that it could be lowered. Despite six of us pushing it could barely be moved.

Later in the day John got back up on the roof to do some more freeing up of the filler area.

Eventually he was able to remove the top ring and it is easy to see why this was necessary with screws almost rusted away - a good one is on the left. This in turn freed up the wooden patress under the roof hole and the whole tank at last loosened up. Hopefully this will now mean it can be lowered on Thursday when we have enough able bodies available..

The rusted roof around the filler hole, complete with corrosion hole. The corroded item on the right is the tank filter.

After all the clearing up and bin emptying, Maurice worked on the north end of FO 3132, sanding down the Cotswold side door and area.

Tea making was shared between Phil and myself. Phil has now sorted out the long running electric problem in RBr 1675.

The first job in the Buggy was to add filler where the metal patches had been tack welded in place to cover the rust holes.

With that done, Malcolm was able to get back to painting, initially top coating the ceiling and then continuing the cream top coating.

The interior of the Buggy at the end of the day.

Ainsley and Dennis, taking a side each,

cleaned up the underframe area with a degreaser. Still a bit more work will be required but overall this considerably improved the look of the Buggy.

Ainsley taped up the windows before second top coating the Cotswold side.

Keith steadily worked through the four doors, giving each their first top coat, and then moved onto the Buggy and second top coated the south end.

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