Thursday, 18 August 2016

Tuesday - Not so normal

Report by Dave Clark

Back to a more normal Tuesday attendance with 10 in. However not all the jobs were normal, the most important being the problem generator in the main running rake.

Beginning today with the GWR van, Richard Stone was attaching more of the prepared boarding. With a new board in place, the bolt holes are being carefully drilled.

Just across from the van, John Hamer resolved the problem with the sticking door on SK 25451. As suggested by Steve on Saturday, John confirmed that the door had dropped slightly.

With a new main hose for the water tank now available and fitted, John gave the tank another test and thankfully no further leaks were detected. Some water was noted but this was from the attached pipework (which just needed the clips to be shifted slightly and tightened) and possibly one of the toilet tanks.

Talking of which, Keith did a great job and cleaned up the two toilets to be fitted in 25451.

Having set up and taped the top line on the Cotswold side, south end, of FO 3132, Richard Hoy uses Rod Wells' wonderful line guide to mark the lower line position prior to taping that up.

With all the tape in place he went on to undercoat the gutter and upper panelling.

It was time to get some of the internal panels reinstated on the Buggy. With that and some more floor board cleaning up, the interior looks really good.

And why not put on the front grill panel too! (urr because the radiator has to come out for repairs!)

Now a spell in the Upholstery shop which was busy today, especially as John Hill had come in to join Vivien, Dave, and John Hughes. Vivien repairs a first class seat cushion.

John Hughes displays the special chart that details the cuts of moquette required for seat arms, with some of the cut out pieces underneath.

An arm with templates and foam.

Dave strips down a side panel.

Trojan moquette being stitched together ready for recovering one of the large seat backs. In the foreground is the electric carving knife which is used to cut the foam padding to the required shape.

Finally two large seat backs, destined for BSK 34929 when it is refurbished, were brought across from the storage van. The old faded moquette has been removed to reveal the horse hair padding.

After cleaning the toilets for 25451, Keith began painting the areas of the Siphon G bogie that had been part grit-blasted. With the density of the existing paint making the grit blasting a much longer and more expensive job, it has been decided to pressure wash the bogies instead.

(Photo by Russ Smith) The most important job of the day was to retrieve the failed generator from RBr 1672 in the Choc &C ream set. Obviously this had to be done when the train had finished for the day, and John Hamer and I could get up to Toddington with the pick-up truck, armed with pallet truck, trolley, and assorted spanners. We were assisted by Russ Smith who met us up there. Paul, the guard, positioned the train so that the coach and generator were exactly level with the foot crossing.

The generator back in the Workshop ready for John to investigate the next day.

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