Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Tuesday - A good attandance

Report by Dave Clark

A large number in for a Tuesday - is 16 our record?

Chez was first off the line today and began undercoating the Cotswold side windows of FO 3132. She was later joined by Keith and Stu.

Richard Hoy began by cleaning up the south end door and area, here adding etch primer to the base as it is an aluminium door.

Stu began his day adding some filler to the north end door frame before re-greying the area. He then moved round to the north end and sanded down the upper section above the corridor connection, before greying this as well.

A two-for-one of Adrian working on the south end, Malvern side, with Richard now cleaning up the windows on that side that had had some more filler added.

With more internal panelling still needing some sanding down, Bob got going on the end wall panelling in the south compartment.

Another two-for-one,  this time inside the Buggy. Alex was back on the instrument panels, adding more top coat, while Ainsley was doing the same on the window frames.

Malcolm cleaned up and then undercoated the large tool chest. This will go into red as before.

The internal covers and external grill cover were also given another top coat.

Maurice tidied up the door entrances on SK 25451, initially removing any rust before adding red oxide.

Later on the entrances were given a complete coating in gloss black, including another one for the wooden steps. The surrounding maroon paintwork was also touched up where needed.
Richard Johnson added the final two brass edging strips to the north end door entrances.

The GWR van proceeds well as Richard Stone fastens the fully painted north end plywood panels.

One of the important jobs to be done was moving all the completed seating for TSO 4614 from the Upholstery shop to the south corner of the Paintshop. This is now a dedicated and excellent dry storage area for upholstery. Penny is in charge of the trolley, with husband Dave, John Hughes and myself helping with the shifting.

The final job of the day for Alex and myself - covering the stacked seating with sheets and blankets.

During the day Bob Slater removed the oil pads for cleaning from the axleboxes of one of the bogies in the yard. In the background is the CSP's Siphon G van which was shunted out on Saturday. The underframe area of the van and the two bogies will be cleaned up by our regular grit blaster the next day.

Finally, all ready to be returned to SK 25451 on Thursday, the repaired water tank with a new wood pattress, and prepared metalwork for patching and sealing the relevant parts of the roof.

Addendum by Peter
Now being away on holiday myself in the West Country I was looking for somewhere to have a nice meal but where?

A simple solution ask Robin who was the train manger on the Elegant Excursion. Of course the chances of meeting up with him several miles from where he lives while walking along a disused railway line was slim but not impossible. We were lucky, got a good recommendation and had a great meal. Thanks Robin nice to see you again.


mack said...

The work you do is first rate. Will 8 coach trains be ready for the time the gala comes round next year? On the Saturday morning of the gala, it was standing room only on all trains. ( I traveled on 3) It was worse than an 8.30 commute to London!

Ken said...

Will 8 coach trains be ready for the time the gala comes round next year?

Can't promise, but I would certainly expect another 2 coaches to be in service by then. Perhaps even three.

The limiting factor at the moment is the turn out south of Winchcombe. This needs to be moved further towards the tunnel. I believe P-Way has this on their 'to do' list for the coming Winter.