Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Tuesday - Finishing touches

Report by Dave Clark

Just 8 in on another hot sticky day, with quite a bit of finishing off and tidying up being done.

Starting with SK 25451, Maurice vacuumed the whole roof, removing all the accumulated dust. Although the weather is supposed to be fine when we shunt on Thursday, we are taking no chances of having wet dusty streaks down the new paintwork.

His final job of the day was to re-black the north end buffer beam area.

Today was also the best chance to complete the internal varnishing, with the north vestibule needing a third and final coat. Cheryl completed this, leaving just a second coat to do on the inner part of the corridor connection door frame which so far had remained untouched.

Prior to this she had given a top coat of GW Grey to the centre end panels for the GW van.

Alex had a particularly successful day adding the numbering and lettering to the GW van, in place of the more usual transfers.

He based it all on the same van type at the SVR, using photos from that as a guide.

Moving along to the Buggy, Keith gives all the windows a final clean inside and out.

He then followed up with more touching up with top coat where needed, plus top coating the new metal plate under the north end instrument panel. That's it - all finished and ready for Thursday's shunt.

Further on again and into the north end of FO 3132, with Malcolm sanding the veneer panelling. The lovely little air sander gained another fan today!

In the Upholstery shop Vivien was repairing cushions from FK 13337 "Gillian", our Third rake first class coach. She is pointing to a small hole in the unrepaired cushion.

Dave meanwhile was doing his usual wrestling match with one of the arm attachments on a seat back destined for BSK 34929. Always a tricky job with so little space to manoeuvre.

Talking of seat backs, Maurice and I retrieved the final five for the BSK from the store van, which Dave winched up to their workshop. The backs are heavy cumbersome things and, being a hot day, a great way to work off Helen Wood's wonderful lemon drizzle cake!

As for me, it was another brush cleaning day.

It did have its rewards though. Working on the trestles at the end of the Paintshop it was easy to escape and watch "P & O" during her last week of working until possibly Christmas.

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