Saturday, 13 August 2016

Thursday - The work goes on

Work back at the GWSR of course goes on so thanks to Dave for another report on progress.

Report by Dave Clark.

A lot of very different jobs going on today with some great progress. We had 22 in.

As planned, the two bogies in the yard were grit blasted and primed the day before. Both are being shunted out of the way. In the background Train 2 with the Maroon rake approaches the station from Toddington.

The Siphon G has been shunted onto the jack road and the body raised to allow the bogies to be checked out. Unfortunately the underframe grit blasting could not be done on this as the old paint is too thick. Our grit blaster will be returning with a heavier grade of grit.

Now back to that repaired water tank from SK 25451. Richard calls for all able bodies ready for the big lift.

The whole operation went very smoothly and by the end of the day Ron Bennett and Pete Holt had already attached the feed pipes for the sink in the Cotswold side toilet compartment.


Earlier in the day Ron was in the Malvern side compartment reinstating the toilet bowl.

While over in the Cotswold side compartment, Pete was installing the sink. Here he is inserting the tap pipework through the hole he has cut into the compartment wall.

Ron reconnecting the taps for the Malvern compartment sink.

As previously reported, Pete Holt and the Maintenance team have been doing an excellent job of sorting out the toilet compartments on all three rakes. Pete displays a tin full of refurbished taps.

Sole representative today of the Thursday Indoor Gang was Pat, initially putting back the door stops for the compartment doors in 25451.

He later reinstated the pelmet board above the south end sliding door, including the upper beading strip.

Moving into the Workshop to find Alex completing his top coating of the instrument panels in the Buggy.

Pic 4 - On Wednesday Nick Evetts installed some chequer plate in the north end to cover some untidy boarding which would be too fiddly to try and replace.

Also on Wednesday the Buggy nameplates were painted by Rod Wells. With a black background, shiny metal letters and surround, and two coats of varnish, the nameplates will be the finishing touch. 

On to FO 3132 and, with the Malvern side windows undercoated by our Wednesday painters, we decided to tape up the line positions and undercoat the rest. With Bob, Richard Hoy and Alex involved the job was almost completed by the end of the day. However with water tanks and much interior work to be done it will be some time before the coach comes into the Paintshop, the tape will be removed.

On the south end Pete Lucas completed the sanding and tidying up on the Cotswold side, and then painted the whole area in undercoat Dark Grey.

At the north end John Squires was working on the communication cord system.

Later on John cut the holes for the electric connection cables at the north and south ends of the coach.

Inside Richard Johnson continued the lengthy sanding down of the veneer panelling.

Other jobs being done around the workshops included Ken tidying up a spare toilet outlet pipe,

John Osborn making two brackets for the GWR van,

and Phil soldering up some lighting connectors for part-restored CK 7221.


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