Friday, 26 August 2016

Thursday - a very brief report

Report by Dave Clark

As I wasn't in for long, just a brief round up of what I saw yesterday. Sorry, I took no photos, and apologies to all those work was missed out.

Firstly, when I got in there was an envelope waiting for me inside which were two new markers for lining out our Maroon coaches - occasionally one goes temporarily missing, usually in someones overall pocket, so it's good to have extra ones available. Very many thanks go to Rod Wells for kindly making these.

SK 25451

Alan completed the application of the seat number tags in the compartments, which then enabled Paul to add the first coat of sealant to the new lino in the south and central vestibules and corridor. This just leaves the north vestibule to do where Pete and Ron were continuing the installation of the toilets and sinks - this is coming on well. With the water tank now completely sorted out, the vestibule ceiling can also go back up.

FO 3132

There was further sanding down inside, while at the south end Jeff did some more undercoating. Unfortunately I was wrong earlier in the week to suggest that the left hand capping strip on the north end, Malvern side, door could have filler applied. It looks as though clearance behind the strip will be insufficient to fit the lip on the wooden door frame when that goes in. As such Jeff dug out the filler to enable the screw heads to be revealed and the strip to be removed.


Alex spent the morning tidying up various bits of paintwork and generally cleaning up where needed. Nick was in (instead of his usual Wednesday) and I was able to ask him to make a metal sheet to replace the missing one under the north end instrument panel. This will need painting in cream.

BG 81039

Work to improve the new disabled area in the carriage continued. As this carriage is half way down the far siding you do have make sure you take everything with you. Its a long walk back if you realise you forgot something.

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