Friday, 19 August 2016

Thursday - Still hot and sticky

 Report by Dave Clark

Over 20 in on another hot sticky day, somewhat draining to say the least. However we still managed to do a lot and were scattered all over the site.

My first photo of the day was the new bit of capping strip on the Malvern side, south corner of FO 3132 that Ken put on. This enabled Richard Hoy to complete the undercoating on that corner of the coach.

Prior to the painting Richard added more filler to the adjacent end panelling. This is now ready for undercoating in dark grey.   

Inside 3132 Pat was fitting the under-framework for the veneer panelling. Richard Johnson was inside the south end vestibule sanding down more of the veneer panelling.

On the Buggy, Bob fits the lower panel at the north end driving position. None of these panels fitted well and some of the holes had to be widened to allow a full set of bolts to be used.

Bob later secured the chequer plate that Nick had fitted in the Malvern side south entrance the day before

Richard Johnson brought in new number tags for the seating in SK 25451,

 which Alan carefully fitted.

At the north end of the coach Pete and Ron were again busy installing the plumbing. One of the cleaned toilets inside the Malvern side compartment..

Ron sorting out the drainpipe locations for the two sink

On board the GWR van Richard Stone carefully rules around the top centre beading prior to cutting the end board to shape.

The GW van is looking better by the day.
Out in the Barn Cheryl painted more of the part grit-blasted bogie under the Siphon G van

Using our new air sander, Jeff works on the filled rivet line on the Cotswold side of SK 4614. I later finished this off and Richard Hoy undercoated it all, especially important with the threatened bad weather on its way.

Up in his new work area on the mezzanine, Steve Smith is putting together another LED strip light for FO 3132.

We are continuing to improve the new disabled area in BG 81039, which is currently the Third rake brake coach. Robin applies cream undercoat,

 while Dennis primes the door on the south store.

A shot down the length of SK 24949 in the Third rake with Paul Wood vacuuming the corridor and compartments.
John Hamer cleans up the failed generator ready for a return to the service centre in Crewe.

A repeat of Tuesday's efforts with John and I once again going to Toddington at the end of the day, this time with the working generator from our other RBr that he had serviced on Wednesday. The generator was loaded, connected up, and I'm very pleased to say fired up first time. John later returned to check the automatic start which is done from inside the RBr.



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