Monday, 15 August 2016

Saturday - a quieter day

Report by Dave Clark

Just 14 in today with several away on holiday, so a bit quieter after the very busy Thursday. Not everything was photographed, such as further cleaning and checking inside the Third rake by Paul Wood and Dennis respectively. Also done by myself was further tidying up of the paintwork inside the door entrances of SK 25451 in the Paintshop.

Starting off in the Barn, Derek was back in working on the LMS brake van. The plywood board will form the backing to the tongue-and-groove planking, which has now been delivered.

TSO 4614 progresses. Ken has reamed out this section of rivet line and is drilling new holes ready for fresh rivets. The completed section was then be coated in red oxide ready for filling on Tuesday.

At the south end James was back to rebuilding the metalwork with further pieces of new sheet metal.

The missing section above where James is about to weld in the previous photo, was being prepared by Pam. First the measuring, then cutting out using the plasma cutter and a clean up of the edges with the angle grinder..

Followed by careful bending with the press. The carriage end is not flat; there is a 10 degree bend either side of the corridor connection.

Now into the Workshop, and inside the north vestibule of FO 3132, Steve having removed the panelling is clearing out the old rock wool.
Later on in the Woodwork shop, he was cleaning up the wood pillars from the north corridor entrance.
Ian was also busy cleaning up, this metal cross pieces that support one of the water tanks in 3132.
On the Malvern side of the coach Martin completed the outstanding areas of undercoating. This leaves just the end sections where further constructional work is required (sections of door frame capping strip, etc.). At the end of the day I removed the lining out tape as it will be some time before the coach moves into the Paintshop for top coating.

Inside the Buggy Paul cleaned up the floor and painted the brake handles. Just the tool chest left to top coat and then the re-upholstered seating can be put back.

The GWR van also progresses well with Richard putting up more of the prepared boarding.


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