Monday, 1 August 2016

Saturday - tank issues

With the diesel gala in full swing the C&W workshops have been open throughout. With some dedicated to stewarding and answering questions there was much less in the way of progress on the carriages today. There was also a lot of discussion about vary aspects of the restoration that lays ahead.

We did have to take a final decision on the water tank in 25451 which has been shown to leak. A second check showed a definite need for the tank to come out for repairs so the process was, reluctantly, started.

First John Hamer and John Squires disconnected the external filler pipes and the top mounting boss. After lunch I removed the breather pipe all while the tank was emptying.

Then the process of unbolting the support brackets began. 4 support bars each with double nuts at each end. That's 16 nuts that probably have not moved in 50 years or more and all a foot over your head.

 Richard having a breather during the disconnection process, not surprising really it's hard work!

Then we had to remove the two end support bars. These are mounted differently. They normally have 6 captive nuts; not captive hear so they turned and didn't undo. On the first bracket we finally managed to get a spanner on both ends of the nuts and bolts by removing a bit more of the ceiling and more of the support woodwork. Appempts to UNDO the nuts pretty much failed, we got 1 off. The other five sneered so you could say well attest they are off! With strength sapped we left the actual lowering of the tank until next week.

Steve on the other hand had to crawl under the tables while he was fitting them in the compartments of the carriage. He later started on the compartment doors refitting the first 2.
Sorry about the fuzzy picture.

Ken took Pam through the use of the fly press

Before she put the required bend in the table leg brackets that will secure the tables in 25451.

Paul continued work on the ceiling of the rail car. Several of our visitors expressed interest in ride at some time in the future.

Derek fitted the first of the interior panels for the sides of the brake van.

And finally Phil stripped out the control electric box from RBr 1675 to start work on restoring it.

Finally a big thank you to all the blog readers that came in for a chat during the diesel gala, for your encouragement and kind words about out efforts both on the carriages and the blog. happy reading and we hope to see you again soon.

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