Monday, 22 August 2016

Saturday - Radio Gloucestershire calling.

A day of discovery.

25451 Ron Bennett and Pete Holt went on a search of the 'stores vehicles' in the yard to check out our supply of carriage sinks. The stock is getting a bit low but we needed a replacement for a cracked one in the carriage.

Having located one they duly cleaned and fitted it

as well as one of the toilet pans. 

The water tank seems to have finally been sealed and refitted just the ceiling to go back up.

Rail Car
The first job of the day was to refit the seats, Ainsley and Paul doing the honours.

Dave decided to refit the roof light cover only to discove we had painted the inside of it andnot the visible outside!

where as having refitted the doors Ainsley, Paul and who ever happened to pass to provide a little extra lifting power we realised nobody had painted the inside of the doors doh. Another job for Tuesday.

 Good van.
Some of the component parts from the van were missing when we started on the restoration so here John Osborn fits the new mount brackets he has made for the vacuum pipes.

while Richard stone continues the fitting of the centre end panels.

Five of the doors for this carriage are in a poor state. For this door we decided to make an entire new lower section. Un fortunately we had to come as far as the bottom of the window opening. So Key and I under John Osborn's guidance set about some panel beating to create the new section.

John Checked it out and trimmed the excess steel away.

James did some welding on the south end of the carriage, working his way round the corridor connection

The section of the top had to be made completely from new steel

by the end of the day James had it cut and tack welded in place.

Phil and Martin did some work on the ends of the carriage finishing with a coat of dark grey undercoat.

that was after Phil had reinstated the electrical connections.

Another carriage we are doing some prep work on the third rakes proper brake vehicle. The BSK. This needs some new arm rests. So John was starting to make up the foam profiles needed from some left over foam blocks we have available.

The BSK also has some bad doors so we are looking at replacing the passenger door on tis carriage with some aluminium doors we have in store. We just won't be using this one! the twist is obvious even in this picture. So its component recovery only here.

Ian Crowder was showing Vernon Harwood from Radio Gloucestershire round with a view to a program about the real ale week-end. However, he was very much taken with the work going on in C&W and did some interviews for a second programme. Several of us were interview including James. Suitable sound effects were also recorded for the show. 

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It makes you realize just how much work is involved in keeping the carriages on the tracks.Keep up the good work.
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