Sunday, 28 August 2016

Saturday - preparing to shunt

With a major shunt now planned for next Thursday it was time to ensure everything is up together  and ready. Steve did some finishing in 25451 remounting the pipework cupboard doors and ceiling. The carriage Will move to the jacks for bogie checks on Thursday.
 Paul 'going equipped' and drilling out the lock position. This was actually so the door handle and lock would fit better on the Buggy.

Alex also re-attached the electrical isolation notice after Richard had applied the GWR logo.
Every the perfectionist Dave hovered the roof before the rain gets a chance to streak the dust down the sides. Umm 25451's roof could do with the same treatment although its about 10 times the size.

3132 is going nowhere except out to the yard and back in again during the shunt but there was still some progress on the carriage. Phil completed the electrical connections on the carriage ends 

while Ken started on the 45 bolts that hold the corridor connection bellows to the carriage.
Inside the carriage I made a start on sanding another section of the panelling. This time using the new lightweight air sander. Very nice as long as you keep your little finger tucked in, otherwise it catches on the sandpaper mount clamp which is vibrating and it hurts!

In the Barn James completed the welding on the south end 4614. This is another another non mover during the shunt.

he was assisted by John Squires with the finishing off.

Derek and Pam did some more wood work on the brake van this will move into the workshop where the buggy has been positioned.

The Goods Van still progress steadily with Richard touching up some of the interior paintwork.

Des, a certified Calor Gas engineer and volunteer on the railway, and John had a look at the non starting Generator. Its definitely going back the suppliers for repairs.

Another happy moment in the department as Richard presented Eddie with his 15 years service certificate.

and Rhia, Eddie's Black Lab, got her usual fuss
way off in the yard there was some more repairs to 81039 the BG on the third rake. The central window spar is being replaced and the window on one of the doors now stays up! This section will be part of the revamped disable section in the carriage.

Also out in the yard, but sorry no picture, the old travelling booking office that was built into the BSK is starting to be removed. Paul had the crack at it.


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Any news on the Class 107 DMU?

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