Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Wednesday - Planning

There was a good number in today with the main focus on the FO 3132. However, I start this report in the upholstery shop. Following on from yesterday Vivian was repairing the whole in the seat cushion from FK 13337

Dave set about dismantling the seats brought in from the BSK while Penny started on recovering one done earlier.

John was working his way through a pile of arm rests; here reloading the staple gun for the next one.

FO 3132 was the subject of much dust and noise today with Alan, here, along with Trevor and Des all sanding various panels of the interior. I got to vacuum it up the dust at the end of the day.
The smaller panels have been removed cleaned and either repaired or replaced. They are currently being restained by Eddie in the woodwork shop. 

Also progressing the interior reconstruction was Ken. He started on the replacement of the insulation.
There was much debate and head scratching and several plans on how to deal with 2 of the doors that are proving somewhat stubborn in terms of getting a good fit. Door 1 where there is very little space for a door liner on the hinge side. After various adjustments and completely removing and remounting the door we are now close to getting it right but there is no 'obvious' difference so no picture. Similarly door 4 won't shut with the door in the correct horizontal position. After much chalk etc. to try and identify the high spots that may be stopping it we didn't make a lot of progress.
Have no fear, we have a plan a cunning plan.

A door where there was some good progress today was this door 5 from 4614. Paul and Derrick took the newly repaired skin and fitted it to the new door frame. It will require a little more welding to deal with the curve od the door ,then it can be screwed together.

Phil was doing some work on the venting in the RBr

before joining John Hamer to start on the shunt. The first move was to put the 'Syphon G' back in the siding adjacent to the barn and then bring 5042 across from the far side of the main line into the C&W sidings. Tomorrow it goes straight into the paintshop.
I leave you ponder the following which I came across on the web!!!!

Tuesday - Finishing touches

Report by Dave Clark

Just 8 in on another hot sticky day, with quite a bit of finishing off and tidying up being done.

Starting with SK 25451, Maurice vacuumed the whole roof, removing all the accumulated dust. Although the weather is supposed to be fine when we shunt on Thursday, we are taking no chances of having wet dusty streaks down the new paintwork.

His final job of the day was to re-black the north end buffer beam area.

Today was also the best chance to complete the internal varnishing, with the north vestibule needing a third and final coat. Cheryl completed this, leaving just a second coat to do on the inner part of the corridor connection door frame which so far had remained untouched.

Prior to this she had given a top coat of GW Grey to the centre end panels for the GW van.

Alex had a particularly successful day adding the numbering and lettering to the GW van, in place of the more usual transfers.

He based it all on the same van type at the SVR, using photos from that as a guide.

Moving along to the Buggy, Keith gives all the windows a final clean inside and out.

He then followed up with more touching up with top coat where needed, plus top coating the new metal plate under the north end instrument panel. That's it - all finished and ready for Thursday's shunt.

Further on again and into the north end of FO 3132, with Malcolm sanding the veneer panelling. The lovely little air sander gained another fan today!

In the Upholstery shop Vivien was repairing cushions from FK 13337 "Gillian", our Third rake first class coach. She is pointing to a small hole in the unrepaired cushion.

Dave meanwhile was doing his usual wrestling match with one of the arm attachments on a seat back destined for BSK 34929. Always a tricky job with so little space to manoeuvre.

Talking of seat backs, Maurice and I retrieved the final five for the BSK from the store van, which Dave winched up to their workshop. The backs are heavy cumbersome things and, being a hot day, a great way to work off Helen Wood's wonderful lemon drizzle cake!

As for me, it was another brush cleaning day.

It did have its rewards though. Working on the trestles at the end of the Paintshop it was easy to escape and watch "P & O" during her last week of working until possibly Christmas.

Sunday, 28 August 2016

Saturday - preparing to shunt

With a major shunt now planned for next Thursday it was time to ensure everything is up together  and ready. Steve did some finishing in 25451 remounting the pipework cupboard doors and ceiling. The carriage Will move to the jacks for bogie checks on Thursday.
 Paul 'going equipped' and drilling out the lock position. This was actually so the door handle and lock would fit better on the Buggy.

Alex also re-attached the electrical isolation notice after Richard had applied the GWR logo.
Every the perfectionist Dave hovered the roof before the rain gets a chance to streak the dust down the sides. Umm 25451's roof could do with the same treatment although its about 10 times the size.

3132 is going nowhere except out to the yard and back in again during the shunt but there was still some progress on the carriage. Phil completed the electrical connections on the carriage ends 

while Ken started on the 45 bolts that hold the corridor connection bellows to the carriage.
Inside the carriage I made a start on sanding another section of the panelling. This time using the new lightweight air sander. Very nice as long as you keep your little finger tucked in, otherwise it catches on the sandpaper mount clamp which is vibrating and it hurts!

In the Barn James completed the welding on the south end 4614. This is another another non mover during the shunt.

he was assisted by John Squires with the finishing off.

Derek and Pam did some more wood work on the brake van this will move into the workshop where the buggy has been positioned.

The Goods Van still progress steadily with Richard touching up some of the interior paintwork.

Des, a certified Calor Gas engineer and volunteer on the railway, and John had a look at the non starting Generator. Its definitely going back the suppliers for repairs.

Another happy moment in the department as Richard presented Eddie with his 15 years service certificate.

and Rhia, Eddie's Black Lab, got her usual fuss
way off in the yard there was some more repairs to 81039 the BG on the third rake. The central window spar is being replaced and the window on one of the doors now stays up! This section will be part of the revamped disable section in the carriage.

Also out in the yard, but sorry no picture, the old travelling booking office that was built into the BSK is starting to be removed. Paul had the crack at it.

Friday, 26 August 2016

Thursday - a very brief report

Report by Dave Clark

As I wasn't in for long, just a brief round up of what I saw yesterday. Sorry, I took no photos, and apologies to all those work was missed out.

Firstly, when I got in there was an envelope waiting for me inside which were two new markers for lining out our Maroon coaches - occasionally one goes temporarily missing, usually in someones overall pocket, so it's good to have extra ones available. Very many thanks go to Rod Wells for kindly making these.

SK 25451

Alan completed the application of the seat number tags in the compartments, which then enabled Paul to add the first coat of sealant to the new lino in the south and central vestibules and corridor. This just leaves the north vestibule to do where Pete and Ron were continuing the installation of the toilets and sinks - this is coming on well. With the water tank now completely sorted out, the vestibule ceiling can also go back up.

FO 3132

There was further sanding down inside, while at the south end Jeff did some more undercoating. Unfortunately I was wrong earlier in the week to suggest that the left hand capping strip on the north end, Malvern side, door could have filler applied. It looks as though clearance behind the strip will be insufficient to fit the lip on the wooden door frame when that goes in. As such Jeff dug out the filler to enable the screw heads to be revealed and the strip to be removed.


Alex spent the morning tidying up various bits of paintwork and generally cleaning up where needed. Nick was in (instead of his usual Wednesday) and I was able to ask him to make a metal sheet to replace the missing one under the north end instrument panel. This will need painting in cream.

BG 81039

Work to improve the new disabled area in the carriage continued. As this carriage is half way down the far siding you do have make sure you take everything with you. Its a long walk back if you realise you forgot something.

Wednesday - Working on 8 vehicles at once!

Another hot and sticky day but a good number turned out to help with the jobs in hand. With, hopefully, the final leak sealed on 25451's water tank John Hamer adjusted all the support bard ready to refit the water filler boss on the roof.

at the end of the day I caught up with him as he finished the reconnection of not onlt the boss but all the connecting filler pipes as well.
Phil was doing further electrical connections on 3132 in the workshop 

While the buggy was getting a final top coat on the door from Des.
CSI's amoung you will no doubt take a closer look at this picture. Some one grabbed the handle before the paint was dry on Tuesday! A definite palm print in the paint.

 Mike was working of the door liner form door 1 of 3132.

while in woodwork shop Paul continued the restoration of the frame from door 5 of 4614
Derrick has cleaned and polished the window glass for the door.
 Out in the sunshine Ken was investigating the door pillars fot the door. It was more a case of there used to be a pillar here.

Adjecent to that was the 2807 group taking th eopportunity to clean and paint one of the bogies under the Syphon G.
Being way ahead of the restorations going on in the workshop the upholstery team are working on arm rests for the BSK which is still a way off entering the workshops. The BSK will be the brake carriage for the third rake when completed.
The current brake for the third rake is getting an internal tart up to provide at least some sort of disabled facility on the train in the mean time. 
The scrap door was being stripped of useful components today by Derrick and Rod. Here they are working on the recovery of the window and lazy tongs.