Friday, 22 July 2016

Wednesday - Only Hot Hot

Today with 16 in attendance there was a great deal achieved even if it was hot. At least it was not as hot as yesterday. The upholstery team or rather Dave and Penny continued the seat back recovering of 4614.
Dave even got a turn on the sewing machine.

Another of our many Dave's, this time Dave Ward, was fitting the kick strips to the bottom of the new doors.
Much of the work focused on FO 3132 with Tony sanding more of the panels have studiously checked and labelled them all.
The smaller trim strips get the same attention.

The graffiti artists have had a serious go at the centre vestibule panelling. This is as far as we can go with the sanders but I think with some careful hand sanding we can get rid of most of it.
At the north end with the corridor connection back on Ken refitted the checker plate.

Craig completed drilling the mount bolt holes for door 1 while I stripped the original rusted pillar to recover the original door hinge halves and the capping strip.
The doors on 4614 are in very poor condition so I and John Varley agreed a strategy for rebuilding them. Here John prepares a new bottom section using a new door frame as a template.
On the south end Nick put in 2 more patch repairs.

while in the woodwork shop Paul started rebuilding the original wood frame for door 5 of 4614.

At the end of the day Craig writes all the notes on what has been door on the door during the day.

SK 25451 was not forgotten. Rod started on the final varnishing touching up the odd scratches caused by the seat reinstallation.
 and Finally but actually first...
While this is the end of the blog, Nick actually started the day, by completing the welding on the rail car. It is now totally over to the painters to complete our part of the work.
There is still some work on the brakes and engine that will be done by others not C&W before it returns to service.

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