Friday, 29 July 2016

Wednesday - Just Checking!

We had a special visitor today when Margaret brought her dad Tony Sedon into C&W for a birthday treat, it being his 88th Birthday. Happy Birthday Tony.

Just checking to make sure the painting is still up to scratch. He like many was surprised at how much we have moved forward since his last visit. There was no paintshop in his days with the department as head painter.

Mike rejoined us after a short brake and started on bolting the south end corridor connection back onto 3132. 45 nuts and bolts from memory.
Also back with us today was having had a knee replacement was Martin. He got stuck into some varnishing of the edges on the tables for 25451.

It was all moved round on the jack road with one of the traveling post office vans in for a bogie swap before it moves on to pastures new.
with the van moved it revealed a sight not seen for a while. How old are the trees, 15 years perhaps?.

It also shows the sorry state of the 'GWR B set' carriage. This is an externally owned vehicle and one that doesn't fit our carriage profile so won't be restored by use.

Something also out of the usual , the rail car, that is being restored by us got a lot of attention again today with the ceiling on it second coat of undercoat. Covering the red oxide in white takes more than one coat!

The front grill was also progressed to its final colour of black by Trevor. 

That all done we moved on to sanding more of the internal panelling from 3132.

painting with preservative the mount boards for the swan neck light that will be fitted to the F) 3132. A count will show 12 of them, shucks we need 14. A little miscount so 2 more will be made next week.
When looking at the roof repairs needed Ken found that the end of the gutter was a rather poor botch repair not the original heavy duty aluminium guttering. A search of spares found none. So he 'borrowed' one from one of the other unrestored carriages in the yard. We will have think on how we replace it later. We have one for this carriage in the mean time!
Steve who has designed a replacement strip light using leds light up the first of the new lights we will be using them in the FO and the RBr in due course. The joy of these is that Steve can set the light level as required rather than it being 'as supplied' along with a much lower power consumption.

Mike continued the rehanging of door 1 on the FO. we had to rebuild the hinge side pillar so getting the hinge mounts back in the correct place takes some precision.

With Ken having finished on this corner of the FO Rod was able to do more of the undercoating.

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