Monday, 11 July 2016

Wednesday - Gym who needs a gym

Sorry this is a late posting from last week I'm not sure why it didn't get posted, I was probably to tired after the gym work out in C&W!!!

So, Gym who needs a gym? Not us or members of C&W who attend on Tuesdays.

I was pleased to see that Dave and crew had got all the seat bases into 25451 when I arrived. (I didn't get to see or publish the Tuesday blog until I got home) However, my joy was a short lived when John Hill came to have a look. He pointed out that 3 of the 16 seats were ........... WRONG!!!!!

I can't and won't blame anyone I didn't notice either until John pointed out the three of the seats had a single cording face to the seat while the others had a double cord. So having checked out what was were the correct seats were located... yes way down the yard in the BG on the third rake. So have done other things during the morning in the afternoon John Hamer and I set about switching the seats over.

As John had been investigating the generator in the RBr 1675, which is currently parked on the end of the third rake we decided to bring that back to the workshop for servicing. The destination is the third carriage on the right hand side in the far distance!

We are just starting the restoration process on RBr 1675. It was on the end of the third rake for steam heat testing which has now been satisfactorily completed. The carriage will soon return to the work for the next stage of the restoration which will include the restoration of the 2 missing gas bottle carriers.

John Hill returned to recovering another seat base

having finshed the 2 Br chairs that have been in for attention. 

Ainsley worked on the north end of the Rail car with filling sanding and greying up
while Rod tidied up the bottom corner and step.
On 3132 Des was starting on the north end Cotswold side corner. Filling and sanding.
Craig was making more progress on the liners and lock plate position.
while Trevor was busy sanding the internal panels.

A consultation of the lazy tongs for door 6 of the carriage. They are rather to floppy and lock down which they shouldn't do. The question what we do about it. I took them away and reset the rivets which were worn.

Moving on Paul planed the edge of a door trim for a better fit.
In the barn Nick was busy preparing the crash pillar replacements on the south end of 4614.
The rusted pillar section all cleared away
a new section was cut

and by tea time it was all welded back in place ready for replating on Saturday.
So that's the colour it will be painted.

Derrick stripping the door skin from door 5 of 4614. This is the first door off the carriage.
And finally Colin replacing the doors to the paintshop entrance with vision versions. No more bashing into people standing behind the doors which was not an rare hazard. People tend to step into the paintshop then stop and stare.


Barry Friend said...

Another interesting update on the workings of the Carriage & Wagon department. I was particularly interested to see the last photo of the windows going into the access doors. As a member of the Orchestra of the Welsh National Opera, I work at the Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff. There is a multitude of blank doors around the building and people are always opening them into other people, sometimes with quite harmful results! We are told that it would be too expensive to upgrade them, as they are fire doors, so we have to make do with notices on either side and luck!!

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

I know where they are coming from the replacement doors ARE expensive fire doors. The one being removed will be used elsewhere on other projects so reducing the overall cost to us a bit.