Friday, 15 July 2016

Wednesday - Anything the Loco department can do

Anything the Loco department can do we can too, all be it on a smaller scale! We had a visit from the railways own film makers today looking for some specific shots for the Induction courses safety video.
This section was about the scaffold towers. Ken happened to up the tower at the north end of 3132 refitting the end woods for the corridor connection.

There was also one of John Varley doing some metal work. Not this shot. Here he is finishing the corner of the second Ducket window for the LMS Brake van.

Which I then painted in red oxide along with several other bits.
No sooner had Ken finished the wood on the North end of 3132 than Dave Ward arrived from the woodwork section with the woods for the south end. 
 Come on you lot hurry up!
I don't think it was anything to do with Dave's speed but Colin was fitting the new windowed door to the woodwork shop today.

Paul was finishing the refurbishment of door 6 for 3132

which we then fitted back on the carriage.

Mike and Craig had finally overcome the issues with the lock on door 1. While the door was off the carriage we had cut out a large section of rust from the door hinge pillar and thus had had to remove the hinges from the carriage. So the first job was to position the door and determine the exact location for the hinges. The door is bolted in place here while Craig starts drilling the new bolt holes. The saving grace of this was the fact that we had been able to leave one hinge mount in position which made things easier.

While we are on doors. Ainsley was starting the final sand and then greying up the doors for the Rail Car along with Trevor and des who were also working on various sections of the body.

One done and another in progress

Craig agreed with Derrick on the removal of the door skin from door 5 of 4614. Once removed we could see just how bad the rust was and the state of the wood fram. Both will need EXTENSIVE work and there are another 5 to follow.

John was back to sewing the seat backs for 4614, a job he usually leaves to others these days but they all took a holiday so he was on his own. There are only 8 backs left to do. We will have to sort out what they can do next. UMM.

Steve Smith was busy on the mezzanine floor in the workshop where he has set up a little bench for some delicate electrical work. His own version of a strip light made with LEDs. These will replace the strip lights firstly in 3132 significantly reducing the load on the batteries. The test one was very effective.
The new flooring for the corridor of 25451 was laid out on the paintshop floor overnight to let it flatten. The 2 toilets and the three vestibules, being somewhat smaller, were fitted today. 

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