Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Tuesday - Three shades of grey

Report by Dave Clark

Another busy day with 9 of us in. There was a small bout of shunting, but otherwise Phil Salter was busy looking at the electrics in RBR 1675 which had been causing problems when the vehicle was last in use. Much of the day was spent with painting activities, including more varnishing of the corridor in SK 25451.

Enjoying the open air were Maurice and myself giving the Discovery coach a good clean and polish ready for the Diesel Gala this coming weekend.

Giving the bulk of the Cotswold side of FO 3132 its final greying up were Cheryl and Richard Hoy. This just leaves the areas around the south and north end doors which still require further work.

There was quite a concentration on the Buggy again. Ainsley employs the new Workshop vac to clean of remaining bits and dust off one of the doors.

Keith stands back having just completed the undercoating on his door, while Ainsley in the background finishes his.

Stu carefully applies fibre filler to the area under the roof where the rust holes had been. These had previously been secured inside with metal plating welded on by Nick last week.

Stu later gets cracking on undercoating the main bodywork,
while inside Malcolm is well on the way to completing the cream undercoating.

while inside Malcolm is well on the way to completing the cream undercoating.

A final shot at the end of the day with the Buggy steadily transforming into a solid looking vehicle again, and the job board all written up for the Wednesday gang.

The third shade of grey, this time the lovely dark GWR Grey for goods vehicles. Richard Stone carefully sands down more of the boarding for the former GWR van prior to adding further top coat.

Keith completed the top coating of the shelving for the Booking Hall bookcase. This is now ready to be taken up to the station.

Maurice and I clearing up the remains of the fire used on Saturday for our Fire Safety training.

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