Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Tuesday - Ten plus two

Report by Dave Clark 

Another good day's progress on a very warm sticky day. We had 10 in.

Today Bob Webb and his son, who do all our lino work, were making a start on SK 25451. So the first job for us before they arrived was to vac the floor

and remove any tacks left from when we ripped up the old lino. While I got going with the former, Maurice and Malcolm (not pictured) got going with the tacks. In reality most had to be hammered in as pliers tended to snap off the heads instead of pulling out the whole tack.

Once cleared, Bob and his son initially sealed up any gaps with Gripfill and then coated the floor in the corridor, three vestibules and two toilets with a sealant. This was followed by a screed, which was drying somewhat quickly with the weather being warm and muggy. The job was completed by lunchtime, ready for laying the lino the next day.

The former GWR van continues to have the excellent preparation from Richard Stone, who has enlisted Cheryl to help with the top-coating. Cheryl initially sands down the dark grey undercoat on the body side panels.

I returned to the scene later in the morning to find Cheryl well into applying the lovely dark GWR Grey top coat.

Also in the Paintshop was Keith applying brown undercoat to the bookcase and shelves for the station Booking Hall.

In the peace and quiet of the Upholstery shop, John and Vivian were working on the remaining two seat backs from TSO 4614, initially removing the old tacks holding down the old moquette.

Later on Vivian prepared some more arm rests. After gluing the hard foam on to the wood base, the new moquette is stretched tightly around and then stapled in place.

Back to the Rail Car in the Workshop and the first job for Malcolm was to vac the floor following the previous bout of filling.

Stu followed on with some more filling at the base of the grill hole and went on to add the final coat of undercoat grey to the completed north end.

While Malcolm was inside sanding down filler that had been applied on Saturday. By the end of the day both this and the surrounding area was coated in red oxide.

Ainsley resumed his work on the inside of the Rail Car doors, cleaning up, sanding where needed, and then coating in oxide.

Maurice gave the Cotswold side south end of FO 3132 a final light sanding in preparation for a final greying up. The north end needs a bit more work, in particular some of the window rubbers which are badly chewed up in places - I hastily add, not done by us!

The final job of the day - a list of jobs for the "Wednesdays".

Aaaargh, what's this?! Only SC 52029 which has been brought down from Toddington for us to make a start on the inside, initially stripping out the seating ready for repairs and new lino. It will be the twin of blue DMU W51360.

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